Some people hate physics,
some may feel physics is freaking hard -complicated
and interestingly
some may fall in love with physics like this particular girl.
Trust me, i am one of earlier group…
I really hate physics. I don’t really understand why we need to study physics. It irritating and frustrating. When i was in the school back in 2005, that was the first time i learned about physics. In Malaysia, Physics subject was introduced in Form 4, secondary schools. There’s only five topics, but i find it so annoying. Why? let me tell you
Thinking back, actually physics wasn’t really that bad, perhaps my experience as ‘Form 4 baru’ in my new schools, new friends and new environment that push me away. I had a real bad experience. From normal schools to an elite boarding school, it doesn’t really makes you comfortable.To know that, most of them were born with silver spoon, it somehow makes you kinda have a low self esteem. Especially when you are new in the boarding schools, while most of your classmates already have sisterhood bonding among thems since Form 1. They hate because you are new, you somehow ‘probably’ better than them in the academic, the teacher favour you. Those things really makes they hate me. Not all of them doing that, some. Probably, because i was positioned in the last class, so, the heat is there.
What i am trying  to say, the environment makes me feels not comfortable, so i hate everything, including my physics subject. ( I always in love with Mathematics, so add math became my lover, ahah) I hate physics and everything about Physics.
Fast forward my life to 2016, i was awarded excellence for PhD in Physics.
How the hatred in physics makes me became a Doctorate. First, let us understand the definition of physics as stated in the google. Thank you Google
noun: physics
  1. the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. The subject matter of physics, distinguished from that of chemistry and biology, includes mechanics, heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism, and the structure of atoms.
    • the physical properties and phenomena of something.
      plural noun: physics
      “the physics of plasmas”
late 15th century (denoting natural science in general, especially the Aristotelian system): plural of obsolete physic ‘physical (thing),’ suggested by Latin physica, Greek phusika ‘natural things,’ from phusis‘nature.’
plural noun: physics
  1. 1.
    medicine, especially a cathartic.
    • the art of healing.
3rd person present: physics
  1. 1.
    treat with a medicine.
Middle English: from Old French fisique ‘medicine,’ from Latin physica, from Greek phusikē (epistēmē ) ‘(knowledge) of nature.’