Personally, I really love to have a feedback via constructive evaluation. I have always belief that human need to be inject with motivation to boost us up and goes beyond extraordinary. Evaluation and assessment is crucial for human development, hence it would be best to have someone to evaluate and guide us to be a better human.

Before joining UTM, I had the chance to teach physics in UiTM to diploma students and this year is my second year of teaching in UTM. To be honest, I am very grateful because UTM have definitely offer numbers of great workshops, lectures and support system. I never knew the assessment term in my life and the needs to use it in ensuring the effective of teaching and learning. The concept of constructive alignment is definitely very alien to me since I was indulging with plasma focus through my phd journey. It’s great to have the support system that highlight the needs of assessment and evaluation for us and our students. Alhamdulillah, i was given the opportunity and being exposed on the importance of assessment, outcome based education, teaching and learning. As a newbie in this arena, i was compelled to equip myself with all the terminology and the education principles.

The workshop organizes by UTM Lead on rubric and assessment given by dr. Rohaya certainly open up my mind on the importance of having assessment. She emphasized, assessment can help us to monitor our student progress and help the students to broaden up their potential. We will know better on the particular area for our students to excel. The workshop has help me tremendously to asses my students and evaluate them. I was grateful to know Dr. Rohaya from the workshop, because of her workshop, I now used the rubrics in my class and hopefully help to improve the learning sessions. Through her session I was guided on the importance to understand students, and assess them accordingly. Revised bloom taxonomy shall be our guidance. Know our students level, course learning outcome should be aligned. We are no longer hold on the typical assessment- we now should apply formative assessment.

As an educator, i should make a good transformation, not only to the curriculum and the content of the subject, most importantly to the development of human being. Human being is designed with three important learning domains which are psychomotor, cognitive and affective. In the education arena, we need to be more sensitive and proactive in our learning. I shall create an ecosystem of learning in such a way, the brain, heart and physical of my students are effectively functional. It is great if I can design my teaching and learning that I can inspire and motivate my students to be independent and adapt with any circumstances, according to the attributes listed by UTM. As an educator, I should be well versed on my students, so I could provide constructive feedbacks for the them to grow. The instruction should be made according to the strength of my students, hence I believe having the rubrics, assessment and continuous evaluation would help tremendously for me and my students.