As an educator, I believe the need to create engaging environment, give real problem, challenge the students, supports then, give feedback and provide insights throughout the learning process. However, in this pandemic where it is definitely a challenge for both educators and students. Since we do it online, it barely has the interaction we have in the real face to face class. Alas, we need to face the real worlds and leverage all the technology available. Thankfully, with all the inputs, tips, and guidance by our technology experts in school of education- Hence, can now to design the lesson activities so that the student will actively participate in the process of constructing their knowledge. By referring to the analogy of bricks- they are the one who take the and arrange their bricks to build their house (knowledge).


They were given the authorization to develop of their knowledge and the teacher is there to assist and provide scaffolding to strengthen their building. As an educator, I should make full use of student’s prior knowledge in build another layer of knowledge (but in this dire situations- it is saddened I could not able to focus to all students since some of them prefer to stay silence- I really wish they do learn and benefits in the class). Learning is a process of making meaning. Students replace or adapt their existing knowledge and understanding (based on their prior knowledge) with deeper and more skilled levels of understanding. By referring to hundreds of suggested active learning approach, I to use padlet to collect their prior knowledge, menti meter to collect the important point they learn from the class, and using jamboard –as a gallery walk options- besides the muddiest point and reflection collected from the e-learning. The reason these activities were chosen because it requires the cognitive, physicals and affective domain to be used all along the learning session that involve the mental, physical and the hearts.

The students were then will be accessed by their advanced knowledge and critical thinking rubric throughout the session. The most challenging part for me is to identify the prior knowledge of my students, so that, i can help them to build their own knowledge accordingly. Different people exhibit different ways organizing and build the knowledge, I hope I manage to cater on the most crucial part of the constructivism theory on build based on their prior knowledge. Based on my experience in the – class, i have learned that I need to take into account the feedback that I have received to improve my teaching. Hence, I need to organize my lesson plan accordingly. I should have used rubric extensively and make sure the students get used with rubrics for them to learn and for me to asses my student for future improvement.