Chapter 1 (on wonder)

Often people take science to be about natures wonder, but it isnt. Science is not series of National Geographics special on volcanos or fantastic world within microscope or the birth of star- Its how we understand these things.

In order to seek understanding, obviously we need experience, but too often science class become a time to marvel at the world when it ought to be a time to marvel at reason and power of imagination.

Our task as a teacher is straightforward- it is to connect answer to puzzles, theory to experience. It is to see the wonder of reasons imagination, to see argument and of course to share it with our students

Story telling is one of a kind. Barry sanders emphasized the importance of atory telling- children learned by talking

what is true of a child is also true of a student. As children shape their sense of self through talking as story, so student shape theidentities

as reasoning being through the arts of explaining. they forge their intellects by giving shape to arguement