My Students Graduated in 2018

Alhamdulillah.. 3 PhD students were graduated in 2018 and 4 master graduated in 2018..

Another 2 master students are waiting for viva.. Might make it 6 master graduates this year.

My PhD Student Graded with Very Minor Correction

Alhamdulillah, my PhD student Dr. Zubaidah was graded B1 in her viva.. It is really hard to get B1 nowadays.. … [Continue reading]

The Last SPPT Training

This is the last SPPT training of all.. After this, training will be baser on DCP traits. … [Continue reading]

Congrats Dr. Sultan

Alhamdulillah, Dr. Sultan was graduated in 3 years. A dedicated and intelligent PhD student. I am lucky to have his as my PhD student. … [Continue reading]

New WiFi at Our Academic Block

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Appreciation from Dr. Sultan

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Dinner with Our PhD Graduate – Dr. Sultan

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New Computers for Design Studio & Physics Lab

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Leadership Talk by UTM Pro Chancelor

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UAT for UTM new ePortfolio

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