My Supervision Style

To all my perspective students.

In a simple word, I am offering you a flexible supervision style. Which mean, I am willing to supervise any research scope within the area of Educational Technology. In case I am having no experience on your interested research scope, its is my duty to learn about it together with you.

To date, I had graduated 3 PhD students and 12 master students. In 2018 alone, I had graduated 9 postgraduate students.

The supervision session is up to the student. Some of my students meet me every weeks to discuss and show their progress. Some meet after several months as they are working. So, the frequency of supervision session is up to you. InsyaALLAH, I am available for supervision session based on student’s need. I consider supervision as my main duty as academician.

I am an expert in research methodology and statistics. Thus, I am the one that will consult your suitable research methodology, research design as well as statistical models and tests. I am offering you to teach you directly how to use SPSS and AMOS. I have experience working with parametric and non parametric statistics as well as high end SEM and CFA. To date, I have 6 SCOPUS indexed papers in AMOS and CFA. I am also well verse at experimental research, software development, mobile application and Augmented Reality.

At some point, I will be very particular and guide full. Yet, at some other point I will let you to swing your self into the problem alone. As during PhD, student need to be independent at some particular section of their thesis as it will develop and encourage your critical thinking and engage with the “process of PhD”.

PhD is not about the scroll, it is about the product you will be at the end of its journey.