Aug 30th, 16: CEE & iPHEX papers Discussion with CEE

The most important thing that I’ve learned today:

  • if you want to make your teaching worth it, try your best to do it in the Scholarly way.
  • Scholarly way means that you have to have a grounding principle you use in¬†your teaching
  • Grounding principle you can get from thorough literature review. ¬†So from there, design your module based on the grounding theory ¬†– report what you observed – then publish. Publish is the way to go in imparting or sharing your knowledge to others
  • another important thing is Computer Education in Malaysia has a lot potential as field of research as there are¬†not much researchers venturing into this area.
  • There are lots of other important things being discussed today. However one of the important thing which stuck in my mind and¬†I hoped it will be forever stick in my mind) – IKHLAS (SINCERE):You have to be sincere in whatever you do so even though what you do is just a little thing or you thought it did’nt mean much for you …but Insha Allah it goes a long way….

Looking forward for the next –¬†Collaboration Workshop with CEE and Robokar Team 3rd October (Monday) – hopefully not on 8am-10am – I have my lecture at that time