Aug 29th,16: Townhall DCP the new 4 tracks carrier path

The initial suggestions for 4 tracks Differentiated Carrier Paths (DCP):-

1. Teaching
3. Professional
4. Leadership

A little of what actually is the so called DCP – its a carrier track where you can choose which you strongly feel you can excel or contribute.

Each track has its own evaluationn criteria for further advancement if your carrier for example from DS52(senior lecturer) to DS54 ( associate prof) to vk7 (Prof).

My personal view…the option is either research or teaching. Professional and leadership track is a big NO for now, its too far fetched. I have a very low experience for that.

There are pros and cons for choosing teaching or research track. Though teaching is my bread and butter as a lecturer, however am I good enough? Can I really fulfill the criteria as a GOOD lecturer?

As for research track, frankly speaking its tough. Unless you are an already popular researcher – having lots of postgraduate students under your supervision; having high hIndex; securing millions if not hundreds of thousands worth research grants – YES you can for sure excel in this research track. If you are just a beginner, you have to work really hard to excel.

So this is just my personal view. Everyone has their own justification of the suitable carrier track they want to chose.

Regardless of the choices you have to make, let’s pray for Allah Al Bari’ ( the Great Planner) have planned the most suitable path for our life…and may the path we have chosen brings us closer to Him and not otherwise….