Oct 10th, 2016: Meeting on Innovation and Commercialization committee


The comiitee learns on how the process of endorsement of copyright application. Among the lessons learnt are:

1 . co- inventor do not agree yet in the system ( highest problem)
2. The inventor do not specify what do they want to copyright in the IPForm tab.
3. Full description of the copyright was not complete. Just a design of research flow is not enough it must be equipped with a detailed description.
4. If the inventor have a MOU, the MOU should state about IP in the aggreement . If not, the inventor could not  apply the copyright for the content of their apps.
Among the info should be stated specifically in the MOU regarding to IP:
a. The output – between the company and the inventor 70% – 30% the output will involve the copyright or patent applied based on the MOU.
b. The cost to be shared – for patent application