How to detect fake journals

Simple warning of fake journal

Here are some indicators to look out for:

  • The journal has no address or contact information other than an email address listed.
  • There are articles listed but no evidence of an editorial board to review those articles.
  • The website has an overwhelming number of images from major publishers who would have no reason to partner with this journal.
  • The editorial board seems to contain very prominent researchers who would be too busy to work with an unknown journal.
  • There is no mention of an APF, which means you’ll likely receive an outrageous bill after your article has been rapidly accepted for publication.
  • There is no mention of a peer review process or basic submission requirements.

1. Potential, possible or probable predatory scholarly open access journals (

3. How to check predatory journal (

Oct 6th, 2016: 2nd day of Research Management Course RMC

Talk on patent by PintasIP gave a new knowledge on what IP actually is. The summary of the talk can be accessed here.



Oct 10th, 2016: Meeting on Innovation and Commercialization committee


The comiitee learns on how the process of endorsement of copyright application. Among the lessons learnt are:

1 . co- inventor do not agree yet in the system ( highest problem)
2. The inventor do not specify what do they want to copyright in the IPForm tab.
3. Full description of the copyright was not complete. Just a design of research flow is not enough it must be equipped with a detailed description.
4. If the inventor have a MOU, the MOU should state about IP in the aggreement . If not, the inventor could not  apply the copyright for the content of their apps.
Among the info should be stated specifically in the MOU regarding to IP:
a. The output – between the company and the inventor 70% – 30% the output will involve the copyright or patent applied based on the MOU.
b. The cost to be shared – for patent application

Sept 6th, 2016: Official opening SOFTEC Asia 2016

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Opening ceremony and keynote speaker for the conference. Its my first time seeing so many participants for one conference.



I’m very fortunate to attend this conference with these 2 iron ladies. Each one of them have their own strength and expertise in their own way. Learned a lot from them today.

Best 10 advices to be happier and a better person

//Source : WhatsApp
//Author : unknown

1 Say “Bismillah hir rahmaan nir raheem” in every single thing you are going to start doing ( In using the elevator .. sitting on a chair .. Opening The juice bottle .. Eating .. Entering the house .. take the phone .. Starting to study .. Open the fridge …etc ) Make it a habit

2 Smile to your father .. mother .. brother .. sister .. husband .. wife .. your neighbour .. workmate .. classmate .. Smile to everyone .. You’ll feel great

3 Before giving a charity to poor people .. Say ‘salaam’ to them first .. Smile to them .. Feel their pain .. Be nice to them ( Even while looking at them, don’t make them feel inferior to you .. they have feelings .. don’t hurt them with your eyes ) ..And then Give them your money .. They might be in need of your kindness more than your penny.

4 Perfect idea ! Use the stairs in dhikr Allah .. In each step one dhikr.. For example : In the first stair say ‘ Astaghfirullah ‘ .. In the second ‘ Alhamdulillah ‘ .. The third ‘ La ilaha illa Allah ‘ .. the fourth ‘ Allah akbar ‘ .. the fifth ‘ La hawla wala quwwata illa billah ‘ .. the sixth ‘ Subhan Allah ‘ .. the seventh ‘ Sallallahu alla Sayyidina Muhammad ‘ …ect. Do thȋ̊s while stirring tђε pot oƒ food …while walking ..while doing anything & everything.

5 Think of what you are eagerly awaiting to happen in your life .. Put a strong belief that ” IT ” will happen VERY soon .. Keep that Imaan shining in your heart.. And watch  اللَّهُ Subhana Ta’ala ‘s miracles.

6 If you want something .. write it down on a sheet of paper.. stick it in your room.. And make a dua every time your eyes come across that paper ( maybe it’s time for acceptance of the dua ).. then wake up one hour before Fajr &  ask Allah to make your wish real .. Do it .. &  wait and watch Allah’s blessings on your life

   7 Download the Holy Quran in your mobile phone & buy headphones &  ”Create opportunities ‘ to listen to Quran in every possible way. For example : While cooking or doing house chores .. While driving .. Doing your sport exercises at the gym .. while walking home or going to school or to work .. At break times ( at work or study ) .. While working if possible .. Before sleeping ect…

8 Really live your life .. Enjoy your life… Accept whatever situation you have been given & work through it happily  .. Praise  اللَّهُ Subhana Ta’ala  .. Obey  اللَّهُ Subhana Ta’ala   .. Give your life over to   اللَّهُ Subhana Ta’ala   , and make yourself how  اللَّهُ Subhana Ta’ala  Wants you to be, using the morals & ways  of our beloved Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wasallam  to be better & happier

9 Pass this message to others with love but only after u promise yourself to follow & make it for Allah’s sake to benefit others .. Please ^__^

10 Make a DUA for the one who wrote .. read .. & sent this.  Make a dua for all our brothers & sisters to gain hedaya .. happiness ..& Jannah ..ΐη sha Allah  Ameen

Jazakallaahu Khayran.

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