Postgraduate Students

Master mixed mode

SITI NORANI BINTI MOHAMAD EKSSAN (co-supervise – graduated 2017). Enhanced Educational Robotics Feature Model with Pedagogical Elements in Software Product Line

USHANANTHINY A/P SUVELAYUTNAN (co-supervise – graduated 2019).

‘AFIFAH BINTI MOHAMAD ASHARI (main supervisor – ongoing). Multi-criteria Decision Analysis Technique for Software Product Line Architecture Selection in Patient Navigation System


Master by research

MUHAMMAD BIN SAHAK (co-supervise – graduated 2018). Software Product Line Test Case Prioritization

SUHAINA BINTI MOHAMED ZAKI (co-supervise – on going). Software Product Line Approach for Online Learning Application

AIN BALQIS BINTI MD NOR BASMMI (main supervisor – ongoing). Service Oriented Architecture and Software Product Line (SOAPL) for a Customizable Web Service Composition



RABATUL ADUNI BINTI SULAIMAN (co-supervise – on going). The Hybrid Optimization Approach for generation and prioritization of SPL Testing by Using Model-based Testing Technique

UMMU HANI’ BINTI HAIR ZAKI (co-supervise – on going).  Web Service Social Sentiment in Disaster Management

ASAD GUL KHATTAK (co-supervise – on going). A Robust Framework for Characterizing Evolution and Degradation Overtime in Software Product Line Using Artificial Intelligence