Journal Papers


70-Factors Affecting Generation Y Satisfaction and Loyalty in Online Brand Community-Advanced Science Letters

72-Cell Complexes Topological Links For Buildings In Citygml-ISPRS

73-Urban Heat Island Micro-Mapping Via 3D City Model-ISPRS


46-Internet Application for Online Cadastral Services-A Case Study in Nigeria-Journal of Advanced Research Design

47-Exploring the Influence of Governmental Policies on Hybrid Car Purchase Intention in Malaysia-The Social Sciences

48-Land Administration Domain Model in Review towards the Adoption as a Reference Model for Land Administration System in Nigeria-American Journal GIS

49-Preliminary analysis of conformity of LADM for modelling 3D-4D situation-Journal of Advance Research Design

52-Motivational Factors for Online Grocery Shopping

53-The Impact of Internal Marketing on Customer Orientation in the Banking Industry

54-A Review of the Relationship between Internal Marketing and Customer Orientation


42-Web Design and Development for Land Registration An Online Cadastral Delivery Service in Nigeria-Indian Journal of Science and Technology

43-Condominium Rights in Malaysia-Advanced Science Letters


32-A Brief Review of Land Administration Domain Model and its Temporal Dimension-Akademia Baru Journal of Advanced Review on Scientific Research

33-Malaysian Land Administration Domain Model Country Profile-Asian Social Science

36-An Analysis Of 3d Situation As A Prospect For Land Administration Domain Model (Ladm) In Nigeria A Malaysian Initiative-Jurnal Teknologi

37-The importance of Malaysian Land Administration Domain Model country profile in land policy-Land Use Policy


16-Issues on 3D-Property-IJSER 2012

17-A Survey Related To 3D Property-IJHSS 2012

18-Towards E-Government’s 3D Property-IJSER 2012

19-Towards 3D Property Formation-IJSER 2012


12-New Cadastral System Approach for Planning Sustainability in Malaysia-ISRJ 2011

13-Malaysian 3D Property Legislation-A Preliminary Approach-ISRJ 2011

15-Property Formation-Change in Land Related Legal Document-IJGG 2011