Conference Proceedings


57-Three Dimensional Land Legislation in Malaysia-SYSSARM 2018

58-Online Shopping Convenience and Repurchase Intention of Mudah My-MOIME 2018

59-Perceived Value and Customer Brand Engagement of Transportation Network Company Facebook Fan Page-MOIME 2018

60-The Key Account Management Practices and Effectiveness-MOIME 2018

61-Impacts of Technology Assessments on Firm Performance-MOIME 2018

62-Consumer Proneness towards In-Store Promotion in Foreign-Based Hypermarket vs Local-Based Hypermarket-MOIME 2018

63-Muslim Consumers’ Patronage Intention towards Korean Restaurant Chains in Malaysia-MOIME 2018

64-Conspicuous Consumption-IGCESH 2018

65-Self-service technologies-IGCESH 2018

66-Internet Giving Behaviour-IGCESH 2018

67-Halal Logistics-IGCESH 2018

68-Collaborative Consumption of Apparel-IGCESH 2018

69-Corporate Social Responsibility and Purchase Intention-IGCESH 2018

71-Land Acquisition at Strata and Stratum Scheme in Malaysia-ACRS 2018


44-Review of Theoretical Frameworks for Supply Chain-MOIME 2017

45-Factors Influencing Consumers Intention for Online Grocery-A Proposed Framework-MOIME 2017

50-Heritage House Maintenance Using 3D City Model Application Domain Extension Approach-ISPRS 2017

51-The Impact of Motivation Factors on Online Grocery Shopping-AIMC 2017

55-Topological Requirement for 3D City Modelling-A Review-GGT 2017

56-The Impact of Motivational Factors on Online Grocery Shopping-AIC 2017


38-New Strata Rights in Malaysia-SIMPI 2016

39-Condominium Rights in Malaysia-SOCSIC 2016

40-Network Processes And Web Design For Land Registration In Land Administration System Of Nigeria-ICSESS 2016

41-Geoinformatics In The Generation And Management Of Domestic Waste In Aule Gra Akure Nigeria-ICSEMSS 2016


29-Conceptual Modelling of 3D Cadastre and LADM-WCSCE2015

30-A Brief Review of Land Administration Domain Model and its Temporal Dimension-WVCASEA2015

31-An Analysis of 3D Situation as a Prospect for (LADM) in Nigeria-A Malaysian Initiative-ICSESS 2015

34-Human Resource Inventory of Geomatic Graduates-A case Study of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia-JIGC2015

35-Possibilities Of Land Administration Domain Model (Ladm) Implementation In Nigeria-JICG2015


26-Developing Infrastructure Framework to Facilitate the Malaysian Multipurpose 3D Cadastre-FIG2014

27-Towards Malaysian LADM Country Profile for 2D and 3D Cadastral Registration System-FIG2014

28-Development of a Prototype for the Assessment of the Malaysian LADM Country Profile-FIG 2014


24-Developing Infrastructure Framework for 3D Cadastre-ISG 2013

25-Towards Malaysian Multipurpose 3D Cadastre base on Land Administration Domain Model (LADM)-An Empirical Study-LADM2013


20-Establishing 3D Property Rights in Malaysia-FIG 2012


7-3D Property Situation in Malaysia-Initiatives towards 3D Cadastre-FIG 2010

8-New Cadastral System Towards Planning and Construction Sustainability-ICSBI 2010

9-New Cadastral System Towards Sustainable Development-ISG 2010

10-New Cadastral Approach for Sustainable Development in Multilayer Building-ICBEDC 2010


1-Towards 3D Property Legislation in Malaysia-FKSG 2009

2-Making 3D Property Legislation Feasible in Malaysia-ISG 2009

3-Malaysian 3D Property Legislation-A Preliminary Approach-ISPRS 2009

4-Making 3D Property Legislation Feasible in Malaysia-FIG 2009

5-Making 3D Property Legislation Feasible in Malaysia-ICBEDC 2009