Taklimat SLDN oleh Wakil JPK

Satu taklimat berkaitan prosedur pentauliahan dan pelaksanaan SLDN+ telah dilaksanakan melalui atas talian. Dianjurkan oleh pihak UTMCC dengan kehadiran bakal-bakal Pengajar dan Jurulatih SLDN daripada Sekolah Pendidikan FSSH UTM.

Link rakaman Sesi Taklimat https://utm.webex.com/recordingservice/sites/utm/recording/playback/16509d3be69e1039a8d7005056813020

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How to be an Effective VIVA VOCE Chair person

Recording link https://utm.webex.com/utm/ldr.php?RCID=8ddf97e2bf197aa9ec8b907ebba4e194

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Leadership Talk Series: Visionary, Strategic, and Transformational Leadership

18 Julai 2018 (Rabu)
2.30 petang
Dewan Senat, UTM Johor Bahru / Dewan Seminar Menara Razak UTM Kuala Lumpur

Attending ‘Bengkel Penataran Penulisan Buku Teks’ Organised by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Kuala Lumpur

I have successfully attending and completing a course organised by DBP from 28th April 2018 until 1st of May 2018. This course have provided me with the knowledge and experiences related to the processes in producing a text book for the Ministry of Education. I have been exposed to the Dos and Donts in preparing a manuscript for a text book. I have been participating all the activities being conducted within the Design and Technology group.

Fig 1: Certificate of Attendance

Thank you to DBP for organising a such useful and interesting course. Looking forward to join other courseby DBP. Well done

Wacana Pentadbir Fakulti Pendidikan

On  the 5th April 2017, Prof Mohd Salleh Abu was invited to share his vast experience in Academic Leadership especially at UTM

Fig. 1: Prof Mohd Salled delivering his talks

Fig. 2: The author

Vocational Training Manager (VTM)

Alhamdulillah, I’ve successfully obtained my certificate for Certified Vocational Training Manager (VTM) by CIAST-Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran, Kementerian Sumber Manusia Malaysia. Thank you to my dear colleague (JPTK), friends from KVTP, IPGTHO, Batu Pahat, CIAST, and panel of interviewers. May Allah SWT Blessed all of you.

Fig 1: Notification from CIAST

Vocational Training Manager (VTM) Portfolio Assessment and Interview

VTM Interview                                                                                                  Fig. 1: Portfolios of VTM, VTE, and VTO

On the 1st February 2017, I’m attending an interview for Vocational Training Manager (VTM), Vocational Training Executive (VTE), and Vocational Training Operation (VTO). The interview takes place at Institut Pendidikan Guru (IPG) Tun Hussein Onn, Batu Pahat, Johor and was conducted by two personnel from CIAST, Ministry of Human Resource Malaysia. The portfolios which takes months to be compiled and completed at last ready to be assessed. Before this, on around May 2016, I’ve attending the preparation course at the same venue.

Sijil Kursus Pembangunan Manual                                                           Figure 2: Certificate of Training Manual and Portfolios Development Course

Inventor Designing Software Course at Kolej vokasional Tanjung Puteri Johor bahru


From the 21st to 25th February 2016, the aAuthor attending Inventor Designing Course organised by the Industrial Machining Unit, Kolej Vokasional Tanjung Puteri dan conducted by an instructor from ADTECH Batu Pahat, Johor. In this course, author and a few staffs were trained on how to use the designing software as part of preparation in facilitating the final year students project activities.


Figure 1: Participants were undertaking module activities using Inventor

kursus-inventor-1Figure 2: Author was completing designing tasks using Inventor

Reporting to Kolej Vokasional Tanjung Puteri Johor Bahru

On the 3rd January 2016, I’m reporting to Kolej Vokasional Tanjung Puteri for a year academic attachment starting from 3rd January 2016 until 2nd January 2017.

lapor-diri-dFig 1: Author joining the college’s staffs for the Weekly Assembly

During the Director speech session, she invited me to introduce myself to the students and staffs


Fig 2: Author introducing himself to the staffs and students

Participate in a Course Under Young Researcher Module in AKEPT, Nilai.

I have the opportunity to learn a lot of new thing from very experience figures and one of them is Prof Abdul Latif Ahmad from USM


Photo with Prof Abdul Latif Ahmad USM