Noteworthy Projects

  1. Project Leader, Innovation Measurement Instrument for Higher Education Students in Technical and Engineering Program, Budget Approved RM40,000 (GUP Tier 1, Vot ) 2017 ~ 2019
  2. Project Leader, Model of Creative Visual Thinking in Ideation and Problem Solving Amongst Students in Malaysia Educational Institutions. Budget approved RM 68, 200 (FRGS, Vot 4F556) 2014~2016
  3. Project Leader, Exploratory Study in Developing a Framework to Observe, Identify, and Capturing Designing Behaviour Whilst Designer Engaged in Sketching Toward Creative and Innovative Designing. Budget approved RM50, 000 (ERGS, Vot 4L018) 2011 ~ 2014
  4. Project Leader, Kerangka Penilaian Risiko Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Kontraktor Semasa Menjalani Kerja-Kerja Pendawaian Elektrik di Pepasangan Awam. Budget approved RM32, 000 (GUP Tier 2, Vot 07J84) 2012 ~ 2013
  5. Project Leader, The Study On Computer Aided Design (CAD) Roles in Designing Among Students Designer at Higher Educational Institution Budget approved RM20, 000 (NAS, Vot 4P031) 2011 ~ 2012