There is hope for COVID-19 cure

A company in the global race to produce a Covid-19 vaccine has raised hopes that its jab could stop humans spreading the virus to each other following successful trials in monkeys. Novavax told The Mail on Sunday that its vaccine … [Continue reading]

This is really upsetting!! Stop it with synthetic food invention.

Some of the honey on the shelves of Britain's biggest supermarkets may have been adulterated with cheap sugar syrups, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Read more HERE … [Continue reading]

Higher Education Ministry urges students, lecturers, staff to cooperate with authorities in curbing Covid-19 spread

PETALING JAYA: The Higher Education Ministry has called upon students, lecturers and staff of higher education institutions (HEIs) to continuously cooperate with authorities in curbing the spread of Covid-19. Pointing out that the accumulated … [Continue reading]

Better animals than humans …ver1.0

Dogs really are man's best friends. Ping An, a young Golden Retriever, managed to walk 100km to get back home. It was a long, 14-day trip through China for this one-year-old dog whose name means "safe and sound" in Mandarin. This heart-warming … [Continue reading]

Coronavirus is MOST infectious in the five days after symptoms first appear, study suggests – highlighting the need to isolate cases early

Lead author Dr Muge Cevik, of the University of St Andrews, said: 'This is the first systematic review and meta-analysis that has comprehensively examined and compared viral load and shedding for… three human coronaviruses.' It found that the … [Continue reading]

25,000 particles of plastic in a cuppa: Drinking tea or coffee from paper cups may raise risk of cancer from swallowing microplastics, experts warn

This is a wake up call. It's better to bring your own cup to any Starbucks of McDonalds. … [Continue reading]

My first book, alhamdulillah

                    You can order a copy HERE. Thank you. … [Continue reading]

UTM VC’s Eid Adha 2019 message

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It’s Friday.. recite surah al-kahfi

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Is it OK to drink MILO?

One of the biggest questions (at least for this month) has been answered! Boy, never before has a beverage caused so much drama.Everyone's favourite childhood drink Milo came under the spotlight recently due to its alleged high sugar … [Continue reading]