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Better animals than humans ...ver1.0 | ASSOC. PROF. DR SERIAZNITA BINTI MAT SAID

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Better animals than humans …ver1.0

Dogs really are man’s best friends. Ping An, a young Golden Retriever, managed to walk 100km to get back home. It was a long, 14-day trip through China for this one-year-old dog whose name means “safe and sound” in Mandarin.

This heart-warming story was published on Ladbible’s website. Ping An’s owners had arranged for the dog to stay with friends in Nantong while their house was undergoing renovations. However, young Ping An decided to sneak out to go back home in Qidong, 100km away, near the Yellow Sea.

According to the British site, the Golden Retriever took off after spending four months at the home of her temporary caretakers. Ping An disappeared for two weeks, but ended up back in her hometown of Qidong. The final day of her incredible journey was captured on camera by city office workers. Unable to find her owner’s house, the young skinny dog was photographed lying down in front of a building with injured paws after her long journey.

The employees posted Ping An’s photos on popular Chinese social network WeChat, where her owners recognised her. In a video showing their reunion, her owners are seen saying to the dog: “Ping An, you’ve worked hard. You just stay home from now on. (We) would never send you away,” according to Ladbible. The Golden Retriever was taken to a vet upon her return but is in good shape now.

Oddly enough, this story is very similar to a previous one involving a seven-year-old dog called Dou Dou, who was accidentally forgotten in a gas station in the Hangzhou region.

After a 26-day trek and about 60km, Dou Dou managed to find its home and surprised owners. This story made Chinese headlines two weeks ago. – AFP Relaxnews

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