Tips on Leadership, Teamworking and Communication- Survey Camp

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, especially in School of Civil Engineering had been producing a good quality professional with all set of generic skills. We have proved to produce a prominent leader in politics, business and government sectors. Among important skills are leadership, teamworking and communication. It is confusing at first and second year of study in Civil Engineering why those skills are important. With the confusion, the student required some understanding of those skills before that can acquire it through training in classroom, laboratory and fieldwork.

In School of Civil Engineering, we had a programme known as Survey Camp which been introduced in the first year. In summary, this programme instils the technical knowledge and integrate with real engineering problems with the development of three generic skills such as leadership, team working and communication. Following are some link of videos in related generic skills. Please enjoy watching.

1. Level of leadership – John Maxwell

2. Confidence, Courage & Decision Making – John Maxwell


1.  Working together to make things happen- TED talk

2. Teamworking skills – Texas Higher Education


1.5 ways to improve your communication

2. How To Improve Communication Skills – 7 Unique Tips!



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