Geochitra 2021

In 2019 Department of Geotechnics and Transportation manage to organise sucessful GEOCHITRA 2019. The conference managed to attract 200 particpants and 8 exhibitors to the conference. The successful programme has gained interest to UNISSULA, Indonesia invited us to collobrate organising similar conference in 2021.

Several meetings were held to ensure the coordination of the future conference could be achieved. The meeting was done through official visits and video conference. Many ideas and suggestions were discuss to meet both agreement.

In Feb 2020, UTM had visited to UNISSULA as counter visit, this was our third official meeting. Besides the meeting, UNISSULA also introduce us to Indonesia culture. Overall the visit was outstanding and very benefit.

Official meeting
Visit to Old City of Semarang
Visit at Lawang Sewu
Dinner at CianJur Ikan Bakar
Visit to Kletong Sam Poo

Experiential learning

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Gold at IPHEX 2017

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Telaga Air Bumi Kahang, Kluang

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