PhD students

No. Name YEAR Status (Graduated/ On-Going) Title Roles of Supervision
1 Roslizayati Binti Razali 2020 On-going Characteristic of Laterite Soil Treated with Lime Under Cyclic Wetting And Drying Condition Co-supervisor
2 Nurul Anisah Binti Alias 2019 On-going Performance of Lime-treated Compacted Tropical Residual Soil Under Wetting-drying Cycles Hydro-compressibility Behaviour Co-supervisor
3 Mohammad Jawed Roshan 2019 Ongoing Characterization of Cement Treated Lateritic Soil In Saturated and Unsaturated Conditions For Railway Embankment Co-supervisor
4 Ahmed Mohammed Awad Mohammed 2018 Completed Kaolin Stabilisation by Utilising Ground Granulated Blast Slag for Carbon Dioxide Reduction Co-supervisor
5 Siti Aimi Nadia binti Muhammad Yusof (USM) 2015 Completed Landslide Susceptibility Based on Heavy Rainfall and Changes in Unsaturated Soil Layer Field Supervisor