Group Improvement Research Group


Group Improvement Research Group was established in 2000s. Ground Improvement Research Group also known as GIRG is a part of research group in Department of Geotechnincs and Transportation, FKA, UTM. GIRG focused on geotechnical ground improvement which include numerical and  experimental programme either full scale and laboratory scale experimental programme in soil and rock.  Among research projects that GIRG have been conducted as follows:-

Group Members

Currently the research group have six active academicians/researcher with more than 15 active post graduate researcher.

The team members as listed below:-

  1. Prof Dr. Khairul Anuar Kasim (Leader)
  2. Prof. Ir Dr. Ramli Nazir
  3. Associate Prof Mohd For Mohd Amin
  4. Dr. Ahmad Safuan A Rashid
  5. Dr. Rini Asnida
  6. Muhammad Azril Hezmi (Secretariat )

Further Information please contact:-

Muhammad Azril Hezmi
Secretariat of Ground Improvement Research Group



GIRG Report Updates

  1. GIRG 1_2016