Completed Projects

1Performance of Lime-Treated Compacted Tropical Residual Soil Under Wetting-Drying Cycles on Hydro-Compressibility Behaviour  Project LeaderUTMTier 1RM50,00001/02/201831/01/202101701
2Evaluation on Project Based Learning Implementation for Civil Engineering Students in Malaysian University  Project LeaderUTMTier 1RM37,50015/11/201531/12/201704905
3Geotechnical Properties of Reconstitued Residual Soil  Project LeaderUTMShort TermRM36,50030/06/200029/06/200100074
4Determining Strength Deformation and Mechanical Properties of a Reconstituted New Zealand East Coast Bay Sand by multistage Triaxial Testing and Analysis  Project MemberExternal GrantOthersRM10,242.7020/12/202020/06/20214B636
5Menambah Baik Kualiti Akustik Bilik Darjah Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampong Pasir Dari Pencemaran Bunyi Trafik-Projek Transformasi Kelas Kalis Bunyi  Project MemberExternal GrantNetworking GrantRM 001/08/201931/01/20204X603
6Engineering and Microstructural Characteristics of Lateritic Soil Treated with Ordinary Portland Cement Undercyclic Saturated (Wetting) and Saturated (Drying) Conditions  Project MemberExternal GrantFundamental Research Grantt SchemeRM112,00001/09/201931/05/20205F131
7Static and Cyclic Properties of Soft Clay Stabilised with Coal Ash and Cement  Project MemberUTMTier 1RM50,00001/02/201831/01/202019H57
8Development of New Tranverse Rumble Strips Using Waste Rubber Tyres  Project MemberUTMTier 1RM50,00001/02/201831/01/202119H76
9Soil-Lime Stabilisation for Low Volume Road  Project MemberUTMTier 1RM48,75001/02/201831/01/202120H12
10The Influence of Plant Diversity on Slope Stability  Project MemberUTMUTMShineRM50,00015/11/201714/01/202003G76
11Climate hange Impacts on Hydrological and Sediment Transport Processes in a Sg Ringlet Dam and its highland Watershed  Project MemberUTMTier 2RM20,00001/07/201730/06/201814J44
12Utilization of ponder Ash in Cement Treated Soft Soil for Road Construction  Project MemberUTMTier 1RM40,00001/10/201630/09/201815H34
13Development of Forepoling Design for Tunnel Construction  Project MemberUTMTier 1RM40,00001/10/201630/09/201815H35
14The Effect of Soil Moisture Content on Shear Strength Behaviour for Rainfall Induced Landslides PredictionProject MemberExternal GrantFundamental Research Grant SchemeRM94,00001/08/201631/01/20194F853
15Understanding Erosion Threat on Desaru Beach, JohorProject MemberExternal GrantFundamental Research Grant SchemeRM91,00001/08/201631/01/20194F848
16Characterisation of Marine Clay Using Fines Obtained From Demolished Concrete Material with Micro-Structural Verification  Project MemberExternal GrantFundamental Research Grant SchemeRM64,40001/08/201631/07/20184F885
17Assessment of Soil Fabric and Partial Saturation Effect on Compressibility Behaviour of Compacted Tropical Residual Soil  Project MemberUTMTier 1RM50,00001/07/201631/12/201814H29
18Water Supply for Underprivileged Community  Project MemberExternal GrantBusiness EntityRM100,00001/06/201631/08/20174Y046
19Strengthening of Low Bearing Capacity Subgrade Soil Bearing Using Intelligent Shape Concrete Panel (ISCP) for Rural Road  Project MemberUTMTier 1RM50,00001/02/201631/01/201813H03
20Reliability of Tensile Strength From Diametrical Compression Test on Rock  Project MemberUTMEncouragement GrantRM20,00001/05/201531/07/201611J06
21Evaluation of Stress Distribution Under Diametrical Compression Test on Rock  Project MemberUTMTier 1RM50,00001/05/201531/10/201610H88
22Stress Path and Micro-Structure Behaviour of Stabilised Marine Clay  Project MemberUTMEncouragement GrantRM20,00001/05/201531/07/201610J71
23Characterisation of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve for Granitic Residual Soils of Malaysia  Project MemberUTMShort TermRM20,00030/09/199929/09/200075032