Innovation and Creativity

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Project Report – to be submitted on 17 June (before 3 pm)

To be included in Project’s Report

1. Cover / Front page

2. Introduction

3. Description of proposed Product (which include image of proposed product – diagram, Interface / Screens)

4. Idea Generation (Notes and Info on how the idea came about, how do your perform market survey?)

5. Summary of Class Activities throughout the semester (lecture, group discussion, industrial visit, value creation activities, competition – add photos if available)

6 Value Creation’s Activities and impact on proposed product

7.1 Discussion among Group Members

7.2  Feedback from Lecturer

7.3  Feedback from other group (Value Creation Forum)

7.4 Feedback from Judges and customers (Innovation Competition)

7. IP Disclosure and Statutory Form

8. Remark (lessons learnt, achievement and recommendations to improve this subject)

9. Poster used during innovation competition

10. CD (softcopy of report in word form and system)