Master students

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Master by Research (Main Supervisor)

No Name Status (Graduated/Ongoing) Title Date
1. Zanariah binti Zainudin Graduated Rostering on-call Doctors Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm 2014
2. Khibtiyah Bt Ilyas Graduated Evaluating the Impact of Maintenance Strategy on Customer Waiting Time using Discrete Event Simulation Approach 2014
3. Nur Hayati Binti Kasim Graduated Genetic Algorithm Approach for Parameters Estimation in Two-Dimensional Warranty Cost Modelling 2015
4. Nur Izzati Binti Jamahir Graduated Prediction of Optimal Warranty Cost and Period using Adaptive Nero-Fuzzy System 2015
5. Lau Kee Wah Graduated System Dynamics Simulation Modeling for Prediction of Dentist Supply and Requirement using Need-Based Approach 2017
6. Mohammad Fahmi Arieff bin Khairul Anuar Graduated Metabolic Production Optimization In Microbial Strains Using Dynamic Flux Variability Analysis 2018
7. Rafidah Binti Muhamad Graduated New Copy-Move Image Forgery Detection Technique to Resolve Photometric Attacks and Homogeneous Region Challenges 2019
8. Muhamad Farhin Bin Harun Graduated An Improved NSGA-II for Multi-Objective Optimization of Building Information Modelling 2019
9. Nuraina Syaza Binti Azman Ongoing An Improved Feature Selection Using Enhanced SVM-RFE for Dimension Reduction of Multi-Omics Data 2022

23rd August 2016 – Congratulations to Lau Kee Wah !

VIVA Lau Kee Wah

VIVA Lau Kee Wah