PhD Main Supervisor

No Name Status (Graduated/Ongoing) Title Date
1. Muhammad Akmal Bin Remli Graduated Enhanced Scatter Search for Parameter Estimation in Kinetic Models of Biological Systems 2018
2. Muhammad Faiz Bin Misman Ongoing Video Forgery Detection Via Deep Learning Semantic Segmentation 2022
3. Muhamad Farhin bin Harun Ongoing Improved Malocclusion Classification Using Adaptive Cut-Out And Adaptive Contrast Weightage Based On Image Histogram. 2022
4. Nur Sabrina Bt Azmi Ongoing An Improved Data Integration Using Enhanced AMARETTO For Integrating Multi-omics Data 2022
5. Dalia Abdulhadi AbdulAmeer Ongoing Brain Functional And Structural Connectivity Analysis Using Finite State Machine For Improved Diagnosis Of ADHD In Children 2022

PhD Co Supervisor

No Name Status (Graduated/Ongoing) Title Date
1. Mohsen Mahrami Graduated Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Particle Filter Optimization Model for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Problems 2016
2. Nies Hui Wen Graduated Identification Of Pathway And Gene Markers Using Enhanced Directed Random Walk For Multiclass Cancer Expression Data 2020