Research Administration


FRGS (FRGS/1/2021/ICT02/UTM/02/5

 (07/09/21 – 06/09/23)
UTM Fundamental Grant A Novel Approach For Classifying Forged Object In Video Forgery Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network And Semantic Segmentation Algorithm
UTM Research University Grant – Tier 1 An Improved Dominated Completed Median Ternary Pattern (DCMTP) for Copy-Move Image Forgery Detection
UTM Transdisciplinary (TDR) Research Grant Intelligent ChatBot for South China Sea Conflict
KEJORA-SULAM Komuniti Lestari Alam Berseri – Projek Pembangunan Galeri Nelayan Rumah Rakit Tanjung Surat
Flagship Grant Trends in ICT Employement in Malaysia
UTM Research University Grant – Tier 1 An Enhanced Algorithm of Directed Random Walk to Identify Cancer Target Genes with Incorporation of Pathway Information for Cancer Classification of Gene Expression Data
UTM Research University Grant – Tier 2 Multi Objective Rostering Problem for On-Call Doctors using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
FRGS An Improved Algorithm of A Hybrid of Genetic Algorithm and Flux Balance Analysis to Predict Gene Knockout for Improving Metabolite Production
KTP Grant Decision Support System using System Dynamics Simulation Modelling for Improved Policy Analysis (1CARE Program) at Institute of Health and System Research (IHSR)
Sciencefund Grant Development of Decision Tool System using Discrete Event Simulation to Improve Operational Effectiveness at Public Service Centre (Case Study Vehicle Inspection Centre Malaysia).
UTM Short Term Validation Algorithm For Labeled Line Drawing Based On Graph Coloring



Prototype Development Research Grant Scheme Computational Building Information Modelling (BIM)-based Automated Green Building Evaluation System (02/08/21 – 01/08/2023)
UTM Transdisciplinary (TDR) Research Grant Strategic Threat Intelligence for South China Sea Conflict
UTM Encouragement Research An Improved Deep Neural Network Algorithm for the Prediction of Limited Proteolysis in Native Protein Structure (01/11/19 – 30/04/22)
FRGS An Improved Stacked Denoising Autoencoders to Identify Multi Omics Features for Cancer Classification (01/01/19-31/12/20)
FRGS Computational Building Information Modelling-based Method for Green Retrofitting (01/01/19-31/12/20)
UTM Transdisciplinary (TDR) Research Grant An Integrated Web-Based System for Children Healthy Food Product.
UTM Transdisciplinary (TDR) Research Grant Designing Named-Entity-Recognition Approach for Conflict Case Study
UTM Transdisciplinary (TDR) Research Grant Modular Coordination and Waste Valorisation Towards Achieving Sustainable Housing
UTM Transdisciplinary (TDR) Research Grant Multi-objective Optimization for Modular Housing Design
UTM Research University Grant Model-Driven Genetic Algorithm for Cycling Performance Prediction
UTM Research University Grant – Tier 1 A New Video Copy-Move Forgery Detection Using Hybrid Convolutional Neural Networks-Long Short-Term Memory (Convnet-LSTM)
UTMShine Grant Computational Approaches for Gene Selection of Gene Expression Data.
Dana Pembangunan Pengajaran Perbandingan Kerangka Impak Program Job on Campus dan Program Job Creation Terhadap Pelajar UTM
UTM Research University Grant – Tier 1 An Improved Algorithm of Differential Evolution for Parameter Estimation in Metabolic Pathways
UTM Research University Grant – Tier 2 Business Intelligence Approach for Automobile Maintenance and Warranty Policy Decision
UTM Research University Grant – Tier 1 Retrofitting Building Information Modelling (RBIM) for Sustainable Buildings
UTM Research University Grant – Tier 2 Detection of Video Copy-Move Forgery using Optical Flow Method
UTM Research University Grant – Tier 2 An Improved Penalized Support Vector Machine to Identify Informative Pathways and Genes for Cancer Classification