PhD students

Year No. Name Status Title Roles of Supervision
2019 1 Victor Kayode Ojomoh On-going   Main Supervisor
2019 2 Siti Hajar Ramzan On-going   Co-Supervisor
2017 3 Aliyu Bako On-going Critical Thinking Skills and Teaching Conceptions of Nigerian Physics Teachers in Inquiry-Based Learning Classrooms Main Supervisor
2017 4 Mazlena Murshed On-going Model Mental Penggunaan Perwakilan Pelbagai Dalam Penyelesaian Masalah Fizik Main Supervisor
2017 5 Marlina Ali On-going Penyelesaian Masalah dalam Pendidikan Fizik Co-Supervisor
2015 6 Anis Diyana Halim On-going Multimodal Teaching for Concepetual Change in Heat Concept Main Supervisor
2015 7 Adnan Kaus Graduated (2018)

GOT (Best student award)

Social Aspect of Problem Solving in Physics Co-Supervisor
2015 8 ‘Asma Mohamed Nyan On-going Inquiry-Based Learning for Science Communicators Main Supervisor
2014 9 Nor Farahwahidah Ab Rahman Graduated (2017)

GOT (Best student award)

Science Discourse and Epistemic Practices Norms for the Development of Scientific Epistemology in Physics Lessons Main Supervisor
2014 10 Nur Fazirah Jumari On-going Metacognitive Skills among Engineering Students Co-Supervisor
2014 11 Mazlan Setapa On-going Project-Based Learning in Physics using Robotics Co-Supervisor
2014 12 Hafzan Ibrahim On-going Learning Robotics for Science Process Skills Co-Supervisor
2014 13 Nur Hazwani Zakaria Graduated (2017)

GOT (Best student award)

The Impact of Mobile Computer-Based Physics Laboratory in Learning Forces and Motion Main Supervisor
2014 14 Noorzana Khamis Graduate (2019) Scientific Epistemological Beliefs in Physics Laboratory Learning Main Supervisor
2012 15 Wong Wai Yoke On-going Lesson Study among Physics Teachers Main Supervisor
2011 16 Umi Solehah Radzali On-going Transitions of Teaching Conceptions from Teacher-Centred to Student-Centred Learning Paradigm among Engineering Lecturers Co-Supervisor
2011 17 Puripoj Kaewyong On-going A correlation analysis between sentimental comment and numerical response in students’ feedback Co-Supervisor
2011 18 Lee Yee Ying Graduated (2018) Visual Persuasion in Increasing Energy Awareness and Fostering Energyconservation Behaviour among Government Office Building Users Co-Supervisor
2011 19 Lee Ween Shin Graduated (2015)

Best student award

Physics Learning Context and Learners’ Epistemological Beliefs Main Supervisor
2011 20 Fariba Mirzaei Graduated (2014) GOT (Best student award) Reflective Thinking Skills of Experienced and Inexperienced Physics Teachers Main Supervisor