Courses Attended

  1. Seminar on Internal-External Quality Assurance 2019, 21-22 Oct 2019, The Royal Wildad Residence UTMKL
  2. Bengkel Pengenalan Model Pengukuran Karbon Kuala Lumpur, 18-20 April 2019, Pulai Springs Resort Johor Bahru
  3. AKEPT Leadership & Sustainable Development Programme 2019, 26-27 March 2019, Training room AKEPT
  4. Human Governance, 17-18 Oct 2018, Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT) Ministry of Education Malaysia.
  5. A 2 Day Workshop on “I Know How You Feel” Empathy: Understanding Audience, 14-15 Mac 2018, Bilik Bengkel Pusat Kepimpinan Akademik UTM (UTMLead) UTM Johor.
  6. Internal Auditor Course, 27-28 June 2016, Pusat Latihan UTM
  7. A-LTC (AKEPT Learning and Teaching Circle) in Student Supervision Level 1 on 16-18 November 2015 at AKEPT Campus Bandar Enstek, Malaysia.
  8. “Turnaround Leadership For Higher Education Institutions” course, 28 September 2015 at Bilik Jamuan Dewan Sultan Iskandar-Organised by Pusat Kepimpinan Akademik (UTMLead)
  9. Academic Leadership Discourse (Wacana Kepimpinan Akademik) on 8 september 2015, at Dewan Kuliah UTMLead. –Organised by Pusat Kepimpinan Akademik (UTMLead)
  10. Worldview knowledge, framework civilization & the development of a holistic personality (11-12 Nov 2013), UTM- Organised by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.
  11. Wildlife Conservation Awarenees Day, (2 April 2013) Johor Bahru- Organised by Johor Corporation & Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  12. Capacity Building Workshop on .’Remote Sensing of the Glabal Water Cirtutation to Climate Change at Key Laborotary af Microwave Rernote Sensing (MIRs/CAs), National Space Center (NSSC), Beijing, China (3-14 September 2012)- Sponsored by Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) and National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  13. Eddy Covariance Training Course, 12-13 Nov 2011 organised by LI-COR Biosciences, Nebraska at UTM Skudai.
  14. ‘Marketing Team- UTM Staff’ course, 17 Jan 2011at Pulai Springs Resort, Johor.
  15. Creative Problem Solving and Innovative Thinking Workshop- 25-27 July 2000- conducted by Business and Advanced Technology Centre UTM, KL
  16. E-Learning Basic Course, 4-5 Feb 2009, UTM Skudai
  17. Internet Technology in Teaching and Learning Course – 24-25 Feb 2009, Centre for Teaching & Learning, UTM Skudai
  18. Kursus Kenegaraan Sistem Saraan Malaysia PTK 1- 7-11 April 2005, Organised by National Civics Bureau, Department of Prime Minister.
  19. Use of E-Learning software for Academic Staff (Lecturers Teaching Year 1 Subjects) – 2-3 Nov 2004, UTM Skudai
  20. Preparation of Quality Assurence Document Workshop -24-26 May 2004- Palm Resort Golf and Country Club, Senai, Johor
  21. Induction Course -19 May-6 June 2003, UTM Johor
  22. Academic Advising Course -19-20 Feb 2003- Starhill Golf & Country Club JB
  23. Making and Evaluation of Test/Examination Questions Course – 4 July 2001- UTM skudai