Master students

  1. Ghulam Fadel Ahmed Al-Hamed  (MG 091018) Patterns and transport pathways of aerosols in Peninsular Malaysia using MODIS aerosol data  (M.Sc taught course thesis-completed in 2011).
  2. Lim Hui Qi (MG 113011) Investigating aerosol properties in Peninsular Malaysia
    using MODIS satellite and ground-based measurements (M.Sc Research- Completed 2014)
  3. Fateen Nabilla Binti Rasli (MG 131006) Site suitability analysis of urban parks in Iskandar Malaysia using GIS and remote sensing techniques (M.Sc Taught course-Completed 2015)
  4. Nazarin Ezzaty Binti Mohd Najib (MG 131007) Decadal changes in forest cover in Malaysia using Landsat satellite data (M.Sc taught course- Completed 2015)
  5. Nurul Amalin Fatihah Binti Kamarul Zaman (MGH 143026) Modeling Particulate Matters (PM10) In Malaysia Using Aerosol Optical Depth and Meteorological Parameters (M.Phil Research- Completed 2016)
  6. Chong Khai Loong (MGH 143039) Oil Palm Height Estimation for Age Determination Using InSAR Data (M.Phil Research- Since Sept 2014) (Correction due April 2019)
  7. Rohayu Binti Abdullah (MBE143006) Selection of Urban Tree Species for Urban Parks and Roadside in Iskandar Malaysia (M.Phil Research- Since Sept 2014) (Co-supervisor) (Thesis submitted in Jan 2019)
  8. Camalia Binti Saini.  Oil Palm Age Classification in Ladang Tereh Selatan, Johor Malaysia using Remote Sensing Technique (M.Sc Taught course- Completed 2017) (Co-supervisor)
  9. M. Sulaiman Fayez Hotaki. Impact of Dam Construction on Land Cover and Crops Pattern in Hari Rud Basin, Afganistan. (M.Sc taught course- Ongoing since 2019)
  10. Suman A/L Selvaraju. Air Pollution Forecasting using Neural Network Models in Malaysia. (M.Phil Research- Ongoing since 2019)