PhD students

  1. Tan Kian Pang (PG103030) Estimating  primary productivity of  oil palm in Peninsular Malaysia using remote sensing and ancillary data (Since July 2010)- COMPLETED
  2. Kang Chuen Siang (PG113019) Surface and root zone soil moisture estimation based on SMOS satellite data and SVAT modelling in tropical region (Since Sept 2011)-COMPLETED
  3. Hamed Adab (PG093110) Remote sensing based thermo-physical approach for detecting forest pre-ignition in Iran (Since April 2010)-COMPLETED
  4. Afsaneh (PG 103061) Predicting urban heat island in Iskandar Malaysia using Artificial Neural Network technique (Since Dec 2011)-COMPLETED
  5. Putri Ida Sunaryathy (PG PG103065) Estimating biomass of oil palm trees in Sulawesi, Indonesia using Synthetic Aperture Radar data. – COMPLETED
  6. Fateen Nabilla Binti Rasli (PGH 143028) Identification of Green Corridors in Iskandar Malaysia using Geospatial Technology for Biodiversity Conservation (Since March 2015) – COMPLETED
  7. Nazarin Ezzaty Binti Mohd Najib (PGH 143027) Regional assessment of oil palm biomass using remote sensing data (Since March 2015) – COMPLETED
  8. Noor Salehan Binti Mohammad Sabli (PK133003) Development of Water Footprint Framework for Crude Palm Oil Production (Since 29 August 2013) – COMPLETED
  9. Zuraihan Binti Mohamad (PGH163012) Lidar for Urban Carbon Assessment (Since 25 September 2016) – COMPLETED
  10. Nurul Amalin Fatihah Binti Kamarul Zaman (PGH163024) Characterising The Spatiotemporal Variability Of Fine Particulate Matter Pm25 In Malaysia (Since 31 March 2017) – COMPLETED
  11. Yuqi Cheng (Tsinghua University, China) Oil Palm Mapping in Malaysia using Alos Palsar (since 4 Jan 2018) – COMPLETED
  12. Hazrat Bilal (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) Spatiotemporal Assessment of the Snow Cover Dynamics in Association with Hydro Power Generation in a Changing Climatic Condition in Upper Indus Basin (since 18 Jan 2018) – COMPLETED
  13. Dr Nurul Hazrina binti Idris (Post Doctoral) Development of processing method to improve ocean geophysical parameters from ESA SAR altimetry over coastal ocean (1 June 2018 – 31 Oct 2018 and 1 May 2019-31 May 2019) – COMPLETED
  14. Norfariza Binti Zainal (UTM) Optimizing Ocean Geophysical Parameters From SAR Altimetry Data For Coastal Ocean. (Since 2019)
  15. On Chai Lee (UTM) Ecological Landscape For The Optimization of Environmental Performance In Sustainable Urban Development (Since 2021)
  16. Nurul Ain Najwa Binti Zulkifle (UTM) Shoreline Changes and Coastal Erosion along Malaysia Coastal by Remote Sensing (Since 2022)