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Consultation Work


SKAB4333 Reinforced Concrete Design II 

SKAB4032 Integrated Design Project

Please work with your group members and submit the complete design before the due date. This website will be updated time by time. Please be aware with the information from here. 

Please form a group name  as a Consultation Firm. Name the firm with a group number G1, G2, etc. 

Each of the group members will be considered as an Engineer and leader will become a Project Manager. 

You need to schedule a meeting, progress work. Plan the engineering design as you required to submit the design to contractor within the given duration. 

Prepared related analysis, design drawing to full fill  architecture drawing as mentioned by the client.

Time to Submit Your Design 

3 FEB 2022








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Design Cases

RC Straircase

Frame Analysis

Frame Analysis(2)

Design of Pad Footing

Design of Combine and Strap Footing

Design of Pile Cap

Class Notes

Formulae And Design Rules According to EC2

 Design of RC Staircase (1)

 Design of RC Staircase (2)

Frame Analysis (1)

Frame Analysis (2)

 Design of RC Columns (1)

 Design of RC Columns  (2)

Design of RC Foundation

Integrated Design Project (I D P )

Computer Software is allowed inconjuction with analytical calculation.

Project Briefing IDP


16 December 2021 Digital Poster Ready

Digital Report Ready








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