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Consultation Works

1.      2021Assessment of Oversize Steel Pipe Subjected to Elevated TemperatureRM 4,600.2007128 IKG
2.      2020Roller Shuttle Stress Analysis, SIRIM QAS Sdn Bhd, Malaysia RM 3,400.7507128 IKG
3.      2017Performance Based Specification - In Situ Cover Monitoring And Acceptance Criteria Jabatan Kerja Raya MalaysiaRM 70,000.00.001000 Forensic Engineering Center
4.      July 2019Seismic Hazard Assessment of Kenering and Chenderoh Hydroelectric Power Station, TNBRM 450,000.001299 UTSB
5.      July 2019Vulnerability and Damage Analysis of JKR Pre-Approved Plan (PAP) Buildings, Kementerian Kerja Raya (KKR)RM 319,000.001696 UTSB
6.      2016Research on Seismic Hazard for Risk Assessment of Strategic TNB Installation Sites in Peninsular Malaysia, TNBRRM 1,500,000.001299 UTSB
7.      Sept 2016Structural Vulnerability Studies of Existing Buildings Due to Seismic Activities In Sabah, JKRRM 142,439.221696 UTSB
8.      Sept 2015Kerja Penilaian Struktur Bangunan P06 (IVAT) UTMRM 22,869.061000 Forensic Engineering Center