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Main Supervisor Post graduates

Main Supervisor Postgraduates

PhD (Graduated) 0
PhD (Ongoing)5
Master by Research (Graduated)3
Master by Research (On-Going)0
Master by Taught Course (Graduated)11
Master by Taught Course (On-Going)0
Master by Mixed-Mode (Graduated)0
Master by Mixed-Mode (On-Going)0
No.NameNo. MatricStatus (Graduated/ On-Going)TitleRoles of Supervision
1.Nurizaty ZuhanPKA173021OngoingPost Fire Performance of Partially Damaged Green Concrete Filled Hollow Steel ColumnMain supervisor
2.Mujedu Kasali AdebayoPKA173052OngoingRedisual Axxial Capacity of Selfcompacting Palm Oil Fuel Ash Conrete Columns Exposed to FireMain supervisor
3.Muhammad Najmi Mohamad Ali MastorPKA173018OngoingPerformance of Reubberized Pozzolanic Concrete Gilled Hollow Steel Column Subjected to Cylic LoadingMain supervisor
4.Musa MohammedPKA173089OngoingHigh Stength Self Compacting Concrete Incorporating Crumb Rubber Fibre Exposed to Elevated TemperaturesMain supervisor
5.Mohamaed Tohami M Abou SifPKA193024OngoingDynamic Performance of Rubberized Concrete Block Wall Subjected to Cylic LoadingMain supervisor
No.NameNo. MatricStatus (Graduated/ On-Going)TitleMode (Research / Taught-course/ Mixed Mode)Roles of Supervision
1.Mark Ruben Anak UpomMKA173010GraduatedA Machine Learning Approached for Shear Wave Velocity Profiling Without Insitu Geophysical MeasurementResearchMain supervisor
2.Mohammad Iqbal KhiyonMKA153020GraduatedThe Effect of spent Garnet in High Strength Concrete Subjected to Elevated TemperatureResearch Main supervisor
3.Siti Nureda Mohamad ZukriMKA153002GraduatedPerformance of Waste Crumb Rubber Steel Fiber Concrete Under Dynamic LoadingsResearchMain supervisor
4.Sharfathihah Shamsir AlamMKAEA1BKAGraduatedComparison of Flat Slab Raft Foundation Design Between Eurodoce 2 and BS8110 By Using Numerical and Anlytical SolutionTaught-courseMain supervisor
5.Choo Wen YiMKA181042GraduatedFragility Analysis for Concrete Building in Fire: Residual Capacity of Concrete ColumnsTaught-courseMain supervisor
6.Lam Hou JazzMKA161185GraduatedComparison Between Analytical Approach and ABAQUS Software Analysis on Reinforced Concrete Beam Subjected to FireTaught-courseMain supervisor
7.Wong Jing SiongMKA161204GraduatedEffects on Loading of Reinfrced Concrete Structure Subjected to Fire Design:Review on Building Codes and StandardsTaught-courseMain supervisor
8.Ng Chee KeongMKA181038GraduatedAssessment of Externally Bounded Fibre Reinforced Polymer Strengthen Reinforced Concrete Beams At Elevated Temperature Using Finite Element ModellingTaught-courseMain supervisor
9.Siti Jalilah AhmadMKA181036GraduatedThe Effects of Concrete Cover Thickness on Fibre Reinforced Polymer Strengthen Reinforced Concrete Beam Exposed to Elevated TemperatureTaught-courseMain supervisor
10.Muhammad BilalMKA171068GraduatedFinite Element Modelling of Crumb Rubber Concrete Column Subjected to Earthquakes Taught-courseMain supervisor
11.Manizawati Zainal AbidinMKA151122GraduatedImpact of Different Water Sources Towards the Later Strength of Foamed ConcreteTaught-courseMain supervisor
12.Rozallienny ZainalMKA151120GraduatedDevelopment of Flood Risk Mapping At Kuantan Using Geographic Information SystemTaught-courseMain supervisor
13.Sabrina Md YusoffMKA151126GraduatedLight Weight Concrete in Construction for Sustainability EnvironmentTaught-courseMain supervisor
14.Nik Nor Asima AriffinMKA151123GraduatedPotential Building Assessment Damage in Peninsular Malaysia Using Geographical Information System (GIS)Taught-courseMain supervisor