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Co-Supervisor Post graduates

Co-Supervisor Postgraduates

PhD (Graduated)2
PhD (Ongoing)4
MEng. (Graduated)2
MEng. (Ongoing)1
No.NameNo. MatricStatus (Graduated/ On-Going)TitleRoles of Supervision
1.Bishir KadoPKA143041GraduatedBehaviour of Foamed Concrete Filled Steel Hollow Column Under FireCo-Supervisor
2.Ong Peng PhengGraduatedSeismic Performance of Tuned Liquid Damper in Novel Wall Interlocking BlockCo-Supervisor
3.Ikhlass Sydnaoui20170OngoingThe Thermal Response of Concrete Buildings in Arabic to Seasnal Thermal Flactuations Considering Creep and ShrinkageCo-Supervisor
4.Oluwatobi Gbenga AlukoPKA183038OngoingA Study on The Performance of Kenaf Riber Reinforced Concrete Exposed to Elevated TemperatureCo-Supervisor
5.Nurizzati Mohd NordinPKA143043OngoingEffect of Waste Garnet on Acoutic Properties of Perlite MortarCo-Supervisor
6.Mohamad Firdaus ZulkifleeOngoingSeismic Retrofitting of Existing Precast Building By Using Bracing ElementCo-Supervisor
No.NameNo. MatricStatus (Graduated/ On-Going)TitleMode (Research / Taught-course/ Mixed Mode)Roles of Supervision
1.Muhamad Syazlly Nazreen MahmoorMKA153023OngoingFlexural Behaviour of Reinforced Lightwehgit Conrete Beams Made of Palm Oil ClinkerResearchCo-supervisor
2.Dler Hassan Hussien Al DawoodiMA131036GraduatedTaught-courseCo-supervision
3.Bilal ManzoorMKA161046GraduatedTaught-courseCo-supervision