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My Teaching Philosophy

It is a beginning story of…


Determination on course information is really important is to ensure that the skills obtained during the university remain relevant and how the personalities being developed by university courses can be suitably holistic and resilient to meet increasingly complex, interdependent needs of society and industry.

This involve integrate the value of problem-solving, taking ownership, embracing failure, and encouraging curiosity during the learning and teaching process. Or in other words is interactive learning.

Majority students now categorised as Z generation. This generations have an innate ability and interest to solve problems that can be harnessed to provide more stimulating lessons in early education. For instance, instead of asking students ‘what they want to be’ educators could ask ‘what they want to solve’ to inspire a mindset that is more curious and flexible.

“In teaching, if we give students an impression that we value the right answer more than critical thinking, we may drive them to take shortcuts and cheat.” By Chris Tovani

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Flowchart of Life Long Learning (Internet Source)

My teaching philosophy

Begining with, ‘Kerana Tuhan Untuk Manusia’.

Teaching is a lifelong process obtained through formal education or informal such as from your students, colleagues, parents, and the community. This process where we learn new strategies, new ideas, and new philosophies. Over time, my educational philosophy may change according to the situation.

Student in my class should fell safe and they free to speak their mind particularly in discussing the topic related to the subject. I will use strategies to ensure the classroom environment will flourish and enhance the student to involve in problem-solving skills.

Teaching Philosophy - Professional Website--Kelsey C.

My Assessment Practices

Assessment and evaluation should be carried out though formative and summative. Such as via sharing session, discussion, site visit, test, final exam etc. Students able to do self assessment from marks that they obtained through out semester. The mark indicate how the students participation into the subject.

Self-Teaching Development

Besides attending training and courses on teaching and learning, I always ask the student to reflect on my teaching such as giving comments, therefore I have find way to improve. In the same time, I take an initiative to engage with industry. I take an opportunity to have site visit and learn on site problems and implementation based on the theory. By doing so, I would like to become a competent lecturer. By participation with consultation work with industry also helps me in order to improve my capability as an engineer to solve on site problem. This is become one way of self-improvement in term of knowledge.

Student Learning’s Goal

Graduates will be able to collect and organised appropriate civil engineering data, specifically on structure building and construction materials, apply principles of evidence‐based engineering to determine performance of structural engineering.

Graduates will be able to identify various aspects of engineering diversity in their design projects.

Graduates will be able to critically analyse and evaluate current research

Learning Goal Circle (Source of University of Washington, United State)

I hope that I would be able to give my best to provide excellent teaching and learning material to all my students. InsyaALLAH.