Numerical Model Study on the Physical Model of Ringlet Reservoir, Cameron Highlands

The physical model of Ringlet Reservoir is an alternative study for investigating efficient sediment removal proposed at Hydraulic and Instrumentation Laboratory in National Water Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM). Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) has been engaged by NAHRIM to develop a physical and numerical model to study the hydrodynamic and sediment transport pattern. Sungai Habu and Ringlet were tested up to three return period; 1-year, 5-years and 100-years. Groyne (access ram) is identified as control mitigation structure for halting the sediment movement apart from existing check dam. Hydrodynamic models (HEC-RAS 2D with additional overview of simulation in FLOW-3D) were used to simulate numerically the physical model experiment. Three materials (wood dust, sand and bakelite) were used for the sediment plume distribution pattern.

Sungai Habu