ISI- Indexed Journal Articles

No Author/Authors Article’s Title Journal Reference
1 Aede Hatib, Norzanah,
M Khata
Capturing Creative Behaviours in Computer Aided Designing Using Design Diaries Man in India, 2016, (96): pp 677-674
2 M Khata Jabor & Ahmad Alyu Deba Dilemmas Affecting the Integration of Service-Learning in Technical and Vocational Education In Nigeria Asian Social Science, 2015 11(10): pp1-11
3 M Khata Jabor & Ahmad Alyu Deba Potential of Service-Learning on Students Interpersonal Skills Development in Technical and Vocational Education Asian Social Science, 2015 10(21): pp1-9
4 M Khata Jabor & Ahmad Alyu Deba Enhancing Entrepreneurial Skills of Undergraduate Science, Vocational and Technical Education Students Journal of Technical Education And Training, 2014, 6(2): pp 38-55
5 M Khata Jabor & Mohd Asri Ispal Entrepreneurial Measurement Model for Teacher Education IOSR Journal Of Research & Method In Education, 2014, 4(5): pp 21-24
6 Yahya Buntat, M. Khata Jabor & Muhammad Sukri Saud Technological Innovation in Herbs Planting at a Planting Research Institute in Malaysia Advanced Science Letters, 2013: 19(12): pp 3718-3720
7 Khata Jabor, Asnul Dahar Minghat, Sada Adamu Maigari & Yahya Buntat Sustainable Leadership for Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Developing Nations, International Journal of Scientific and  Research Publications

2012: 2(8): pp 1-5

8 Kenneth Kungu, Krisanna Machtmes, Leon Prieto & M. Khata Jabor Assessing readiness for lifelong learning: Volunteers to a 4-H Youth Development Program International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, 2011: 8(10), pp: 53-62
9 Rui-Ting Huang & M. Khata Jabor A Case Study to Understand the Influences of Motivation, Resistance to Change, and Computer Self-Efficacy on Faculty Intention to use Online Technology The International Journal of Learning, 2012: 18(3), pp: 23-43
10 Khata Jabor & Ahmad Firdaus Abd Hadi Kecenderungan Pelajar Tahun Akhir Di Institut Kemahiran Mara Terhadap Bidang Keusahawanan Journal of Educational Management, 2012: 5: pp:16-33
11 Joe W. Kotrlik, Heather A. Williams & M. Khata Jabor Reporting and Interpreting Effect Size in Quantitative  Agricultural Education Research Journal of Agricultural Education, 2011: 52(1), pp.132–142
12  Rui-Ting Huang, David M. Deggs & M. Khata Jabor, Krisanna Machtmes  Faculty Online Technology Adoption: The Role of Management Support and Organizational Climate Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, 2011: 14(2), pp: 1-10.