How to check student’s timetable?

It is not easy to find student’s free timetable within the whole week. Sometimes we need to change the time slot to another convenient time slot and need to discuss with the student. In order to make it without the student, you can use the timetable system to check the student’s timetable and much easier to find the free slots.

How to do it? Please refer to here, prepared by Miss Marina.

How to do the Course Meta Link in e-Learning UTM?

Are you teaching more than a section for a single subject? Then you have to manage the same materials and contents of the subject for each section in the elearning UTM. Actually you can save your time by manage only a single section. What you need to do is by merging or inserting the other section into the section you want to manage. In e-learning UTM, this function can be done by a function call “Course Meta Link”.

Here are few steps how to do it.

(1) The first thing you need to do is to login your elearning account.

(2) Choose the section you want to manage.

(3) Then follow all the steps below.


Create QR Code for a WhatsApp Group in iPhone

Do you know that you can create a QR code for a WhatsApp group from your iPhone? The generated QR code can be shared to other people to join the group easily.

Here are some simple steps to do it.


Create and Invite to WhatsApp Group via Link ][ Feedback ]


Joining a WhatsApp Group via QR Code

Scan the QR code as usual using any QR code scanner.

(These steps are using iPhone. However, the steps are not much different with the android.)

You may scan the QR code and do all steps together. It is working !!! Try it.

Once you succeed, don’t forget to write a message “THANK YOU” to the the group.


Then, follow the steps below:


Just in case after the step 2 the WhatsApp does not direct you to the step 3, here is an additional step to solve it as illustrated in the following pictures. Then, it will direct you to the step 3 as above.


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Joining a WhatsApp Group via Link

Just follow all the simple steps in the pictures below:


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Backup your UTM e-learning metadata

Normally, you will teach the same subject in a particular semester. You also need to prepare all the materials related to the subject in the UTM e-learning at the beginning of the semester. You need to repeat the same process all over again with all contents of your e-learning including all information and setting, evaluation format, teaching materials and questions.

How to avoid this situation? What you need to do is make a backup and download the metadata of your e-learning at the end of semester. This backup will copy almost exactly everything so that you can reload this file whenever you need.

Here are the simple steps to do it:

Login you e-learning account as usual. Then follow the steps from (a) to (g) below:



How to restore the backup metadata file? [ Coming soon]