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Current Projects

1. Development of A Video-Based Learning Framework Embedded With Cognitive Conflict Strategies To Overcome Students Misconceptions, Disember 2012 – Disember 2013, RM32000, Research University Grant (Leader).

2. Integrasi Moodle dengan sistem Penilaian Aturcara Java (JAssess). 1 Ogos 2012-2013, RM15000, Instructional Development Grant, UTM (Member)

3. Online Social Learning Model For Predicting Students Performance, 2012 – 2014, FRGS Vot : 4F116, RM 50000. (Member)

4. A Framework of Metacognitive Scaffolding In Learning Through a Social Networking Tool. 2011 – 2013, Research University Grant Vot: 00H17, 127,000.00. (Member)