GUP TIER 2 2018

On February 2018, my proposal for TIER 2 GUP Grant was approve. The grant is entitled Incorporating Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Theory and Technical Skills into Welding Inspection Curriculum with an approved budget of RM10,000.00. The duration of the grant is effective on 1st February 2018 till 30th April 2019.

These are the schedule for the research grant.

  1. Literature review – Completion : 22nd June 2018
  2. Preparation of questions for the interview and questionnaire – Completion : 2nd July 2018
  3. Interview and survey the respondents – Completion: 11th October 2018
  4. Data recording and transcribing – Completion: 2nd December 2018
  5. Qualitative and quantitative data analysis – Completion: 5th March 2019
  6. Journal and report completion – Completion: 28th April 2019


Currently I’m in the literature review phase. I’m looking for RA candidate for this research too. Do contact me if you are interested to participate in this research Winking smile