Welcoming the delegation from Pennsylvania State University for #AgEd2Malaysia

It’s a big day for the School of Education today as we welcomed the delegation from Pennylsvania State University. There are a total of 13 participant together with their 2 professors, Melanie Foster and Daniel Foster, and they will actively participate in this one-month program around Johor and other states in Malaysia.

The objectives of #AgEd2Malaysia are to:

  1. Increase the global competence of pre-service and current agricultural educators;
  2. Focus on the intersection of culture and the agriculture systems in Malaysia and
  3. Promote the integration of international studies in the secondary classroom

Feel free to browse their blog on all the updates regarding this unique program here.

We welcomed them with the opening ceremony here in the School of Education by a short briefing regarding UTM as a whole, a little information on the School of Education, followed by a fruitful sharing session by Daniel on the objectives of #AgEd2Malaysia. Both participants from the USA and Malaysia (inluding the lecturers) had the ice-breaking session to get to know a little bit about each other.


After the ice-breaking and opening ceremony session


They are a bunch of very friendly people. I’m glad to have the opportunity to meet and get to know them. I’m looking forward to all the activities laid ahead and join them if possible. This project leader of this program is Dr. Nur Husna Abdul Wahid, a senior lecturer with agriculture background in the School Of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities UTM. She pursued her PhD in Pennsylvania State University and met Melanie and Daniel back then. Their friendship has extend to professional partnership, and upon receiving the Full Bright Hays Group Project Study Aboard from the U.S Department of Education, all three of them have been working hand in hand to ensure this program can be conducted perfectly here in Malaysia, especially in UTM.

Agriculture is definitely not my field, but as an educator, as a lecturer, as an academician, it is an opportunity to dive into a different world, to explore and venture new challenges, and most importantly to strive for a better linkage of network. We welcomed all of the participants with open hearts. Hope that you enjoy the entire program structured for this whole one month. 

Upon arrival at Senai International Airport Johor

Fortunately, they are here during the festive season of Eid Mubarak. We are celebrating the School of Education Eid Mubarak celebration. They get the chance to try out our traditional festive cuisine.


During the Marhaban session
Trying out traditional festive local cuisine


See how happy they are? Two different nationalities, different language but with one mission. Having fun in #AgEd2Malaysia