Completed Projects


2014-2016 Project Leader : The Educational Persistence on The Graduate on Time Rate of Post Graduate Students. Budget Approved RM68,200

2014-2016 Project Member : Writing for Academia: Exploring the Epistemic Conceptions of Novice Researchers in Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia on Scholarly Research Writing. [FRGS/1/2014/SSI09/UTM/02/19] Budget Approved : RM 68,200

2013-2015  Project Member: Innovative thinking leadership model for Public Sector workers.  [FRGS/1/2013/SS03/UTM/03/1] Budget Approved : RM 37,810

2013-2015 Project Member: Conceptions Of The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning by Academic Staff. [FRGS/2/2013/SS109/UTM/02/10 Budget Approved : RM 52,000

1998-2001  Project Member: Ethical Awareness Amongst Engineering Students in Malaysian Public Universities. Vot 74143. Budget Approved RM 166,400


2011-2012 Project Leader, Petunjuk Pengantarabangsaan IPT di Malaysia : Kajian Perbandingan IPTA dan IPTS [Research University Grant] [Q.J130000.2631.04J71] Budget Approved RM40,000

2011-2012 Project Member, Building a Malaysian Model of Principalship Mentoring Practices. [Q.J130000.2631.04J15] Budget Approved RM40,000

2011-2012 Project Member, Modul Nazir Sekolah.Q.J130000.2631.04J38 Budget Approved RM40,000

1998-1999  Project Member, Towards A Collaborative Teaching Modelfor English: A Study Among UHB and UHP Lecturers. Vot 71883 Budget  Approved RM40,000

2016-2017   Project Member: Improving Student Learning Outcomes with Service Learning in Scenario Based Learning Q.J130000.2631.12J80 Budget Approved RM 10,000