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The ContiNew Cheras

That day 17 December 2021 was my second trip to this apartment. It is my uncle’s wife’s property and he intended to rent it. So I have been paid to take interior photos of his property.

The view is magnificent, with two balconies that look out Kuala Lumpur city. All the landmarks can be viewed from the balcony.

This picture was made of three images that were set with different exposures. The cityscape is one of the most challenging photos. It requires some skills during the photoshoot and also post-processing.

The view from the balcony

There are two blocks, A and B ith my uncle’s wife’s property is in block B. I don’t know if block A will have the same view or not.

Other facilities are above the standard. Its pool is big and nice with separate kids and adult pools. The gym room is large and can accommodate up to 20 people in a session. There is a reading room too. It might be useful for kids or parents who want to have a library environment.


I was in Kuala Lumpur for my annual leave. I was invited to this place. A luxury apartment called ContiNew located in Cheras. The place is near to IKEA Cheras and I think the property value for this apartment will be high. The view was magnificent! and I was invited again to come here on Thursday!

Will update on my 2nd trip there