FRSB/FRSI 2403: Work Standardization 18-19 Dec 2021

This course integrates both the manual components and the cognitive aspects of work. Motion and time study, human factors and ergonomics to produce precise work sequence and to form standard inventory, including units in machines required to keep the manufacturing/service process operating smoothly and efficiently. The importance of ergonomics and work design as part of methods engineering is emphasized not only to increase productivity, but also to improve worker health and safety, and thus, company bottom-line costs. Topics covered: Work standardization, work measurement and standardization processes; participant involvement. Waste identification, Method Analysis. Work standardization Techniques: Time Study, calculating the standard time for manufacturing tasks. Productivity analysis. Work Methods Improvement. Work sampling and labour reporting issues. Product improvement ergonomics, incentive systems. Work Management, case studies including ones showing applications with the service

18 Dec 2021

Attendance 18 Dec 2021

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