1Scientific Workshop “Challenges And Opportunity For International Cooperation In Natural Sciences”Institute Of Physics, Vietnam Academy Of Science And Technology, The Joint Institute For Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia)27 November 201929 November 2019
2Scientific Writing WorkshopUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia5 August 20196 August 2019
3Electronic Signal Analysis in Nuclear RadiationUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia12 June 201912 June 2019
4PET experimental kitUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia16 April 201916 April 2019
5Radioactive Decay using Cobra4Universiti Teknologi Malaysia11 March 201911 March  2019
6Workshop on Building Asia-Pacific Individual Monitoring Service (IMS) Capabilities Toward Regional Sustainable NetworkBangkok, Thailand18 March 201920 March 2019
7Radiation Protection Conference and WorkshopMeritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa, Pulau Langkawi27  November 201828 November 2018
8Safety and Health Officer (SHO) CourseNational Institute of Safety and Health, Southern Region Office, Johor Bahru8 July 20186 August 2018
9National Workshop to Enhance Technical Knowledge for The Operation and Management of an On-Line Radiation Monitoring SystemAtomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB), Bilik Mesyuarat Utama AELB9 April 201813 April 2018
10Realistic Adaptive Interactive Leaning System (RAILS) TrainingUnited States Department of Energy (DoE) National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Office of Radiological (ORS)and Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB), Le Meridien Hotel, Putrajaya27 February 201827 February 2018
112017 Inaugural Merdeka MeetingsUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia16 December 201716 December 2017
122nd Practical and Theoretical Medical Physics Course: Quality Assurance of Computed TomographyAdvanced Medical and Dental Institute, Universiti Sains Malaysia7 August 20178 August 2017
13MBBA Biorisk Management Workshop SeriesMalaysian Biosafety and Biosecurity Association, Le Grandeur Palm Resort, Johor2 August 20173 August 2017
14National Workshop on Nuclear Security CultureInternational Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB), Putrajaya8 March 201710 March 2017
15Seminar for Senior Managers on Nuclear Security CultureInternational Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB), Putrajaya7 March 20177 March 2017
165th Follow-Up Training Course (FTC) on Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring (ERM)Malaysia Nuclear Agency  16 January 201727 January 2017
17Biosafety CourseFaculty of Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia16 August 201617 August 2016
18National Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) SeminarMinistry of Natural Resources and Environment Malaysia, Hotel Sama-Sama, KLIA18 May 201618 May 2016
19Nuclear Forensic SeminarMalaysia Nuclear Agency  11 May 201611 May 2016
20Radiation Protection Conference and WorkshopJohor Bahru29 November 20162 December 2016
21Radiation Safety Awareness and Emergency Preparedness Response Training and WorkshopUTM Training Centre16 August 201518 August 2015
22InLight MicroStar OperationUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia27 November 201527 November 2015
23Radiation Protection Conference and WorkshopKota Kinabalu9 June 201511 June 2015
24Training Course on Radiation Protection for Officer: Industry, Level 3Malaysian Nuclear Agency4 February 201514 February 2015
25Good Clinical PracticeMiri, Sarawak14 May 201416 May 2014
26Workshop on CRR Preparation using OBE Online SystemCentre for Teaching and Learning, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia21 January 201321 January 2013
27Leadership Innovation Development and Transformation for The Young Lecturers SchemeHigher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT), and Ministry of Higher Education8 June 201210 June 2012
28Global Outreach Program: UTM delegationKyung Hee University, Republic of Korea5 20126 July 2012
29Global Outreach Program: UTM delegationKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)4 July 20124 July 2012
30MCNP5 Workshop For Beginner 2012Applied Radiation Science Research Group, Sustainability Research Alliance, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia16 February 201217 February 2012
31Energy Management Documentation Revision of UTMUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia24 November 201126 November 2011
32Operation of Gamma Spectroscopy SystemCommermega Sdn. Bhd. and Canberra1 November 20113 November 2011
33Web 2.0 Technology for Teaching and LearningUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia8 March 20118 March 2011
34Business Plan for ResearcherUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia24 November 201026 November 2010
35Radiation Protection Induction CourseHealth and Safety Department, University of Surrey, UK4 January 20094 January 2009
36MCNP and MCNPVised for Beginner and Advanced Output with PTRACIEEE Gold (Malaysia) and Universiti Putra Malaysia29 Oktober 200831 Oktober 2008
3717th Annual User WorkshopEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and The Ion Plasma Surface Interactions Group of the Institute of Physics, U.K18 March 200818 March 2008
38Research & Development Approaches and Management for Young ScientistsAcademy of Sciences Malaysia13 November 200624 November 2006
39Matlab 7 For BeginnersSchool of Professional and Continuing Education (SPACE)16 September 200617 September 2006
40Excellent Scientist Programme Motivational CourseIbn Sina Institute, Faculty of Science, UTM24 February 200626 February 2006
41Workshop on Radiation Transport CalculationMalaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research (MINT) and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)18 April 200529 April 2005
42Seminar on Computer Vision and Computation in MedicineInstitute of Physics, London, UK4 May 20044 May 2004
43Leadership and Management Skills for The Young Lecturers SchemeHigher Education Department, Ministry of Education and Biro Tatanegara, Prime Minister Department21July 200324 July 2003
44Article WritingUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia21 May 200322 May 2003
45Human DevelopmentFaculty of Science, UTM25 April 200327 April 2003
46Research MethodologyUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia24 March 20033 April 2003
47Communication and Interpersonal SkillsUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia14 January 200315 January 2003
48Induction CourseUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia30 Sept. 200212 Okt. 2002
49How to Build Exam QuestionMatriculation Division, Ministry of Education8May 200211 May 2002