PhD students

No.NameNo. MatricStatus (Graduated/ On-Going)TitleRoles of Supervision
1Noor Zati Hani Abu Hanifah Register on 30/11/2020 PSC203018On-going2020 – presentAssessment of the exposed dose with TENORM added in consumer products using monte carlo simulationMain supervisor
2Halmat Jalal HassanRegister on 17/10/19PSC193022On-going2019 – presentConsumer products contained radioactive materialsMain supervisor
3Lookman Adeleke AbdullahRegister on 17/6/19PSC193001On-going2018 – presentBrain Age Prediction using Magnetic ResonanceImaging and Computational IntelligenceMain supervisor
4Ibrahim AbdullahiRegister on 27/2/18PSC173051Completed(18/10/2020)2018 –2020 Lasing And Thermoluminescence Features Of Samarium/Dysprosium Co-Doped Barium-Sulfur-Telluro-Borate Glass Embedded With Pure Gold NanoparticlesMain supervisor
5Ahmad Umar AhmadRegister on 26/2/18PSC173045Completed(30/11/2020)2018 –2020 Luminescence Attributes Of Dysprosium Doped Lithium-Strontium-Zinc-Borate Glass Embedded With Silver And Pure Gold NanoparticlesMain supervisor
6Noor Fadilla IsmailRegister on 5/9/17PSC173002On-going2017 – presentOutdoor 222Rn And 222Rn Concentration In Negeri Sembilan And Malacca With Their Relationship To Soil Type And Geological Formation.Main supervisor
7Habila NuhuRegister on 19/9/17PSC173032On-going2017 – presentGeogenic Mapping Of Radon And Thoron Concentration Measurements In Perak State MalaysiaMain supervisor
8Haruna RakiyaRegister on 22/10/17PSC173037Completed(13/1/2021)2017 – 2021Geogenic Radon and Thoron Potential Mapping in Johor State, MalaysiaCo-supervisor 
9Ratna Suffhiyanni OmarRegister on 20/2/17PSC163042Completed(9/8/2020)2017 – 2020Anthropomorphic Phantom Organ Dose Assessment Using Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dosimeters Unified In Multi-Detector Computed TomographyMain supervisor
10Naser Khamis Said Al Shekaili Register on 20/2/17PSC163043On-going2017 – presentDevelopment Of A Solution-Processed Hybrid System Based On PTB7:PC70BM:TiO2 For The Application Of Solar CellsMain supervisor
11Andrew IchojaRegister on 26/2/17PSC163046On-going2017 – presentPhysical, Structural And Optical Absorption Analysis Of Dysprosium Ion Doped Strontium Magnesium Borate Glass System: Judd-Ofelt ApproachMain supervisor
12Ahmad Hussein Mohammad AlomariRegister on 26/2/17PSC163044Completed(10/12/19)2017 – 2019Environmental Radiological Study of JordanCo- supervisor
13Asmah Bohari Register on 23/8/16PSC163011Completed(2/7/2020)2016 – 2020Personnel Dose Monitoring During Fluoroscopy-Guided Interventional (FGI) Procedures At Institut Kanser NegaraMain supervisor
14Yahaya MusaRegister on 23/9/15PSC153022Completed(12/9/18)2015 – 2018Determination of Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dosimetric characteristics and suitability for entrance surface dose assessment in diagnostic x-ray examinationsMain supervisor
15Mohammed Moftah Ahmed DamoomRegister on 16/2/15PSC143059Completed(31/3/18)2015 – 2019Siting Consideration for Nuclear Power Plant in Saudi ArabiaMain supervisor
16Mohamad Annuar Assadat HusainRegister on 3/9/14PS143014Completed(31/3/18)2015 – 2019Spent Nuclear Fuel Characterisation at the Triga Mark II Research ReactorMain supervisor
17Muhammad Khalis Abdul KarimRegister on 12/2/14PS133052Completed(12/1/17)2014 – 2017 Radiation Dose, Cancer Risk And Optimization Process In Routine Computed Tomography (CT) Examinations Main supervisor(Chancellor Award Recipient: 29 April 2017)(Best Student Award: PhD in Physics)
18Ismael Mohammed Mohammed SaeedRegister on 6/11/13PS133036Completed(3/1/18)2013 – 2018The Radiological and Safety Considerations of Nuclear Power Plant Siting in Iraq Co-supervisor
19Nor Afifah BasriRegister on 28/8/13PS133009Completed(12/11/17)2013 – 2017Kajian Keselamatan Calon Tapak Loji Tenaga Nuklear di Semenanjung MalaysiaMain supervisor
20Mohammad Hasan Salman Abu MharebRegister on 7/2/13PS123098Completed(22/9/15)2013 – 2015 Dosimetric properties of Lithium Magnesium Borate Glasses Doped with Dysprosium and Phosphorus Oxide for Radiation Dose MeasurementMain supervisor
21Norehan Mohd. NoorRegister on 17/1/11PS103121Completed(1/8/16)2011 – 2016

Potassium tartrate as a new EPR dosimetry material
22Atiqah Ab RasidRegister on 7/3/11PS103198Completed(21/5/15)2011 – 2014The thermoluminescence properties of calcium borate tellurite and lithium borate glasses for dose measurement subjected to ionizing radiationCo-Supervisor
23Yasser Saleh Mustafa AlajeramiRegister on 3/8/11PS113004Completed(2/1/14)2011 – 2014Characterization and Fundamental Properties of New Composition of Lithium Borate Glass:  Thermoluminescent Properties in Radiotherapy DosesMain supervisor(Pro-Chancellor Award Recipient: 24 May 2014)(Best Student Award: PhD in Physics)
24Lim Tou YingRegister on 16/7/10PS103046Completed(21/5/15)2010 – 2014The thermoluminescence response of dysprosium doped strontium borate glass subjected to ionizing radiationCo-Supervisor