Undergraduate Final Year Projects

No.NameNo. MatricStatus (Graduated/ On-Going)TitleRoles of Supervision
1Ili Wani bt Abdul LatipA16SC0068CompletedJune 2020Students and public awareness on radioactive materials in consumer productsMain Supervisor
2Andi Azamuddin bin AndianwarA15SC0254CompletedJune 2020Data visualization and dose mapping using R programmingMain Supervisor
3Siti Aishah bt MahadzirCompletedMay 2019Optically simulated luminescence (OSL) nanodot dosimeters Characterization in determining entrance surface dose of eyes and thyroids during computed tomography examinationsMain Supervisor
4Shahani bt SyamsulCompletedMay 2019Head and Neck phantom organ dose assessment using nanodots optically simulated luminescence dosimeter in computed tomographyMain Supervisor
5Nurul Najihah AliasCompletedJune 2018The energy and angular dependent of nanodot and personnel optically simulated luminescence dosimeterMain Supervisor
6Amran bin TuraCompletedJune 2018.Compton effect of ion rod target subjected to various angles using multi-channel analyser (MCA)Main Supervisor
7Nurul Afidah bt KamarudinCompletedJune 2018Light Induced fading in the optically simulated luminescence (OSL) of carbon-doped aluminium oxide (Al2O3:C)Main Supervisor
8Ku Nur Liyana bt Ku AzmanCompletedJune 2018Dosimetric properties of nanodots and personal dosimeters subjected to X-Rays and Co-60 IrradiationMain Supervisor
9Siti Najihah bt HuzaidiCompletedJune 2017Linearity and accuracy test: The performance of OSL environmental dosimeter subjected to Co-60 IrradiationsMain Supervisor
10Siti Hajar bt SulimanCompletedJune 2016Pelupusan bahan radioaktif dan analisis penilaian risiko dalam pelan kecemasan radiologikal dan nuklearMain Supervisor
11Nur Nafiah bt RosdiCompletedJune 2016The evaluation of thermoluminescence (TL) parameters using initial rise and peak shape methodsMain Supervisor
12Nasuha bt SalehhonCompletedJune 2015A comparison analysis on the entrance surface dose of posteroanterior chest X-Ray examinationMain Supervisor
13Azizul Hakimi bin AbdullahCompletedJune 2015Assesment of organ effective dose from posterior-anterior chest X-Ray examination using Monte Carlo methodMain Supervisor
14Fauziah bt SallihCompletedJune 2014Thermoluminiscence properties of Ge-Doped SiO2 optical fibres subjected to 6 MV photon irradiationsMain Supervisor
15Noor Hidayah JaafaCompletedJuly 2012The concentration of natural radionuclides in drinking waterMain Supervisor
16Arjiry ItalCompletedJuly 2012Measurement of natural radioactivity in powdered milkMain Supervisor
17Nadhirah MohamadCompletedJuly 2012Natural radioactivity contents and radiation dose in tobacco using gamma spectroscopyMain Supervisor
18Siti Alrina Zainal Rain RancisCompletedJuly 2012Natural radioactivity contents in bottled mineral water using gamma spectroscopyMain Supervisor