Master students

No. Matric
Status (Graduated/ On-Going)TitleMode (Research / Taught-course/ Mixed Mode)Roles of Supervision
1Nur Dalilah OthmanRegister on 28/8/19

On-going2015 – presentTerrestrial radon survey on active fault line in Peninsular Malaysia based on geophysical soil structureResearchCo- Supervisor
2Nasuha SalehhonRegister on 25/8/15

Completed(20/11/19)2015 – 2019The Measurement of Dose Profile of 16, 80 and 124 Multi-Slice Computed TomographyResearchMain Supervisor
3Ang Wee ChinRegister on 25/8/15

Completed(3/10/17)2015 – 2017Adaptive iterative dose reduction 3D effects on image quality and radiation dose in CT Abdomen pelvisResearchMain Supervisor
4Nur Ashiqin Bahrud DinRegister on 10/2/15

Completed(1/3/17)2015 – 2017 Size-Specific Dose Estimates For Adult Patients In Computed Tomography ExaminationsResearchMain Supervisor
5Siti Noor Hafizah Ibrahimproject start on 1/3/13

Completed(21/1/14)2014Physical And Optical Properties Of Lithium Potassium Borate Glass Doped With NeodymiumMix ModeMain Supervisor
6Nashru Amira RazakRegister on 29/8/13

Completed(28/10/15)2013 – 2015Thermoluminescence and optical properties of lithium sodium borate doped with erbium oxide and neodymium oxide.ResearchMain Supervisor
7Shaidatul Asrin AzizanRegister on 4/9/13

Completed(4/10/15)2013 – 2015 Physical, structural and luminescent properties of lithium potassium borate glass doped with dysprosium and praseodymiumResearchMain Supervisor (Best Student Award: Master in Physics; 22 April 2016)
8Raghda Saifeddin Said DawaudRegister on 10/4/13

Completed (17/6/15)2013 – 2014Optical And Thermoluminescent Properties of Lithium Borate Glass doped with Dysprosium or Samarium 

ResearchMain Supervisor
9Majdi Mohammad Alyan Maqablehproject start on 1/3/13

Completed(2/10/13)2013Optical And Physical Properties Of Europium Doped Lithium Potassium Borate GlassMix ModeMain Supervisor
10Siti Shuwaibah Che OmarRegister on 7/9/12

Completed(8/4/15)2012 – 2014The assessment of a tailor-made optical fibre subjected to ionizing radiationResearchMain Supervisor
11Siti Aishah IbrahimRegister on 6/9/12
Completed(9/7/15) 2012 – 2014The performance of a tailor-made optical fibre subjected to photon irradiationResearchMain Supervisor
12Siti Nurbayah BuangRegister on 1/10/11

Completed(8/1/14)2011-2014The Thermoluminescence Response Of Doped Silicon Dioxide Optical Fibres Subjected To Electron IrradiationResearchMain Supervisor
13Nurul Ain Mohamad SharifRegister on 1/10/11

Completed(4/12/13)2011-2013The Thermoluminescence Response of Optical Fibres Subjected to Photon IrradiationResearchMain supervisor