Conference Proceedings, Book Chapters & Other Publications

1Book ChapterSains-lah 22017Suhairul Hashim et al.
2Book ChapterCommercially Doped Silicon Dioxide Optical Fibres As A New Thermoluminescence dosimetry Material2014Suhairul Hashim, D.A. Bradley, A.T.A.Rahman, and M.I.Saripan
3Book ChapterNonlinear optics and synchrotron radiations. Thermoluminescence Properties Of Doped Silica Optical Fibre: Potential Dosimeter In Radiation Therapy Applications2014A.T.A.Rahman, D.A. Bradley and  Suhairul Hashim
4Proceedings/ConferenceResponse of optically stimulated luminescence dosimeters subjected to X-rays in diagnostic energy range2016Musa, Y., Hashim, S., Karim, M.K.A., Bakar, K.A., Ang, W.C., Salehhon, N.
5Proceedings/ConferenceAdaptive iterative dose reduction (AIDR) 3D in low dose CT abdomen-pelvis: Effects on image quality and radiation exposure2016Ang, W.C., Hashim, S., Karim, M.K.A., Bahruddin, N.A., Salehhon, N., Musa, Y.
6Proceedings/Conference128 slice computed tomography dose profile measurement using thermoluminescent dosimeter2016Salehhon, N., Hashim, S., Karim, M.K.A., Ang, W.C., Musa, Y., Bahruddin, N.A.
7Proceedings/ConferenceEstablishment of multi-slice computed tomography (MSCT) reference level in Johor, Malaysia2015Karim, M.K.A., Hashim, S., Bakar, K.A., Muhammad, H., Sabarudin, A., Ang, W.C.
8Proceedings/ConferenceAssessment of knowledge and awareness among radiology personnel regarding current computed tomography technology and radiation dose2015Karim, M.K.A., Hashim, S., Bradley, D.A., Bahruddin, N.A., Ang, W.C., Salehhon, N.
9Proceedings/ConferenceRadiation dose to physicians’ eye lens during interventional radiology2015Bahruddin, N.A., Hashim, S., Karim, M.K.A., Sabarudin, A., Ang, W.C., Salehhon, N.
10Proceedings/ConferenceLuminescence features of dysprosium and phosphorus oxide co-doped Lithium magnesium borate glass2015S. Hashim, M.H.A. Mhareb, S.K. Ghoshal, Y.S.M. Alajerami,  M.I. Saripan and D.A. Bradley
11Proceedings/ConferenceRadiation cancer risks during CT urography examination2015M.K.A.Karim, S.Hashim, K.A.Bakar, D.A. Bradley and N.A Bahrudin
12Proceedings/ConferenceDetermination of Optimum Cut-off Frequency for Butterworth Filter in Tc-99m Breast SPECT Imaging2015X.Dong, M.I. Saripan, R.Mahmud, S.Mashohor, S.Hashim and D.A.Bradley
13Proceedings/Conference18F-FDG PET Brain Imaging as a feature for automatic Alzheimer Disease Classification2015M.H. Azmi, M.I. Saripan, A.J. Nordin, F.K.A.Saad, S.A.A. Aziz, W.A.W.Adnan and S.Hashim
14Proceedings/ConferenceModeling of Light Photons Operating Condition with Silicone Photomultiplier for Gamma Camera2015S.F.M. Ali, M.I.Saripan, X.Dong, A.Shukri, M.Noor, F.Z.Rokhani and S.Hashim
15Proceedings/ConferenceLuminescence characteristics of Li2O-MgO-B2O3 doped with Dy3+ as a solid TL detector.2014S. Hashim, M. H. A. Mhareb, S. K. Ghoshal, Y. S. M. Alajerami, R. S. Dawaud, N. A. Razak
16Proceedings/ConferenceRegistration of PET/CT in Thoracic Region with Pre-filtering PET Sinogram2014S.S. Mokri, M.I. Saripan, A.J. Nordin, M.H. Marhaban and S. Hashim
17Proceedings/ConferenceCharacterisation of amorphous thermoluminescence dosimeters for patient dose measurement in x-ray diagnostic procedures2014Noramaliza M.Noor, Alawiah Ariffin, Hairul Azhar A. R, Mohd Jamil Maah, D A Bradleyand S. Hashim
18Proceedings/ConferenceThermoluminescence properties and kinetic parameters of copper and magnesium oxide co-doped lithium potassium borate glass2013Y. S. M. Alajerami, S. Hashim, A.T. Ramli, M. A. Saleh, M. H. A. Mhareb, R. Nazal
19Proceedings/ConferenceOptical and physical properties of Lithium Potassium Borate glass doped Eu3+2013M. M. A. Maqableh, S. Hashim, Y. S. M. Alajerami, K. M. A. Maqableh, M. H. A. Mhareb and R. S. Dawwud
20Proceedings/ConferencePhysical Properties Of Lithium Magnesium Borate Glasses Doped With Er3+2013M. H. A. Mhareb, S. Hashim, S.K. Ghoshal, A. Rani, Y. S. M
21Proceedings/ConferenceOptical Properties of Lithium Sodium Borate Glasses Doped Sm³⁺ ions2013R. S.E. S. Dawaud, S. Hashim,Y. S. M. Alajerami , M. H. A. Mhareb, M. M. Maqableh
22Proceedings/ConferenceDosimetric characteristics of LKB:Cu,P as a solid TL detector2013S. Hashim, Y. S. M. Alajerami, S. K. Ghoshal, M. A. Saleh, M. I. Saripan, A. B. A. Kadir and D. A. Bradley
23Proceedings/ConferenceThermoluminescence properties of doped silica glass for applications in radiotherapy dosimetry system2013A.L.Yusoff, H.Zin, A.L.A.Rahman, M.I.Saripan, A.T.A.Rahman, N.A.Zahaimi, D.A.Bradley, M.H.R.O Abdullah, S.Hashim
24Proceedings/ConferenceEPR response of gamma-irradiated potassium tartrate and ammonium tartrate, EPRBioDose2013Norehan Mohd Nor, Suhairul Hashim, Ahmad Termizi Ramli, Elias Saion and Taiman Kadni
25Proceedings/ConferenceStructural Studies Of Ternary B2O3-SrO-Bi2O3 Glasses Using Infrared Spectroscopy2011Lim Tou Ying, H. Wagiran, R. Hussin and S. Hashim
26Proceedings/ConferenceEffect of Modifier in Erbium doped Phosphate Glasses2011A. Ab Rasid, H. Wagiran, S. Hashim, M.R. Sahar and M.S. Rohani
27Proceedings/ConferenceOverview of Physically-based Biodosimetry using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) for Radiation Accident Emergency Management2011Norehan Mohd Nor, Suhairul Hashim, Ahmad Termizi Ramli, Elias Saion and Taiman Kadni
28Proceedings/ConferenceTriage categories for vulnerable groups using system dynamic simulation modelling2011Amy Hamijah Ab Hamid, Mohd Zaidi Abd Rozan, Safaai Deris, Roliana Ibrahim and Suhairul Hashim
29Proceedings/ConferenceIon beam, SEM and EDXRS analysis on Doped SiO2 optical fibres2011S.Hashim, D.A.Bradley, A.T.Ramli, H.Wagiran, M.Webb, C.Jeynes, M.I.Saripan and M.N.M.Reba
30Proceedings/ConferencePhoton-induced positron annihilation for Stand-off bomb detection, Symposium on Radiation Measurements and Applications (SORMA XII)2010D.A. Bradley, S. Hashim, J. Cabello, K. Wells and W.L. Dunn
31Proceedings/ConferenceMonte Carlo Simulation on Breast Cancer Detection Using Wire Mesh Collimator Gamma Camera2008M. Iqbal Saripan, Wira Hidayat Mohd Saad, Suhairul Hashim, Rozi Mahmud, Abdul Jalil Nordin and Mohd Adzir Mahdi
32Proceedings/ConferenceThermoluminescence Response of Doped SiO2 Optical Fibres Subjected to  Fast Neutrons2008S. Hashim, D.A. Bradley, M.I.Saripan, A.T. Ramli  and H. Wagiran
33Proceedings/ConferenceDetermination of dopant concentration of doped SiO2 optical fibres using ion beam analysis2008Hashim, S., Al-Ahbabi, S., Bradley, D.A., Ramli, A.T., Wagiran, H., Webb, M. and Jeynes, C.
34Proceedings/ConferenceThe thermoluminescence response of doped SiO2 optical fibres subjected to photon and electron irradiations2007Hashim, S., Al-Ahbabi, S., Bradley, D.A., Webb, M., Jeynes, C., Ramli, A.T. and Wagiran, H.
35Proceedings/ConferenceThe thermoluminescence response of doped SiO2 optical fibres subjected to alpha particle irradiation2007Ahmad Termizi Ramli, D.A. Bradley , Suhairul Hashim  and Husin Wagiran
36Proceedings/ConferenceThe Development of Doped Radiosensitive Glass2007D.A. Bradley, R.P. Hugtenburg, Suhairul Hashim, O.O. Okoya, A.L.  Yusoff, A. Aziz Mat Hassan, A. T. Ramli and H. Wagiran
37ThesisThe thermoluminescence response of doped silicon dioxide optical fibres to ionizing radiation2009Suhairul bin Hashim
38Original BookIonizing Radiation Dosimeters: Potential use of commercially Doped Silicon Dioxide Optical Fibres as a new TLD material2010Suhairul bin Hashim
39Dictionary of Medical PhysicsMedical Physics Dictionary Web Version 2.1 (Malay Translation)2011D.A. Bradley and Suhairul Hashim
40Encyclopaedia of Medical PhysicsMedical Physics Dictionary Hardback Edition (Malay contributors)2013D.A. Bradley and Suhairul Hashim
41ArticleNuklear sebagai sumber tenaga di Malaysia: Manfaat atau Mudarat2017Nor Afifah Basri and Suhairul Hashim