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1Applied Sciences (Switzerland)The radioactivity of thorium incandescent gas lantern mantles207634171131-1120212.474JournalISIQ2
2Ecotoxicology and Environmental SafetyRadiological hazard associated with amang processing industry in Peninsular Malaysia and its environmental impacts0236-573120811172720214.872JournalISIQ1
3Radiation Physics and ChemistryRadiation dose assessment of 64 Multi-Slices Computed Tomography scanner0969-806X17810890420212.226JournalISIQ1
4Radiation Physics and ChemistryFluoroscopy-guided intervention procedure norms for occupational eye radiation dose: An overall evaluation0969-806X17810890920212.226JournalISIQ1
5Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear ChemistryRadiological dose and health impact to Jordanian populace due to radioactivity in staple food crops from four representative soils in Jordan 0236-573132631679-168920201.137JournalISIQ3
6OptikSpectroscopic behaviour of Dy3+ and Sm3+ impurity-doped strontium magnesium borate glasses: A comparative evaluation 0030-402622416564120202.187JournalISIQ2
7Optics and Laser TechnologyModified structure and spectroscopic characteristics of Sm3+/Dy3+ co-activated barium-sulfur-telluro-borate glass host: Role of plasmonic gold nanoparticles inclusion0030-399213210648620203.233JournalISIQ1
8Journal of Alloys and CompoundsPhysical, thermal and absorption traits of lithium strontium zinc borate glasses: Sensitiveness on Dy3+ doping 0925-838884415617620204.650JournalISIQ1
9Environmental Sciences EuropeThe radiological assessment, hazard evaluation, and spatial distribution for a hypothetical nuclear power plant accident at Baiji potential site 2190-4707321620205.394JournalISIQ1
10Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear ChemistryAssessment of geogenic radon potential in Johor Malaysia 0236-573132621065-107420201.137JournalISIQ3
11Indian Journal of PhysicsOn the lasing potency of samarium-activated BaSO4–TeO2–B2O3 glass host: Judd–Ofelt analysis 0973-145894111811-182020201.407JournalISIQ3
12Materials Chemistry and Physics,Spectroscopic characteristics of Dy3+ impurities–doped borate-based glasses: Judd–Ofelt calculation 0254-058425312338620203.408JournalISIQ2
13ECS Journal of Solid State Science and TechnologyEnhanced Performance of PTB7:PC71BM Based Organic Solar Cells by Incorporating a Nano-Layered Electron Transport of Titanium Oxide 2162-876991010500320202.142JournalISIQ3
14OptikJudd−Ofelt calculations for spectroscopic characteristics of Dy3+-activated strontium magnesium borate glass 0030-402621816500120202.187JournalISIQ2
15Chinese Journal of PhysicsUnique optical traits of Sm3+ -doped magnesium borate glass0577-90736636-4920202.638JournalISIQ2
16Journal of PhysicsAbsorption and luminescence spectral analysis of Dy3+-doped magnesium borate glass 0577-907366307-31720202.638JournalISIQ2
17Radiation protection dosimetryScatter Radiation in The Fluoroscopy-Guided Interventional Room0144-84201883397-40220200.773JournalISIQ4
18Materials Chemistry and PhysicsStructures and spectroscopic characteristics of barium-sulfur-telluro-borate glasses: Role of Sm3+ and Dy3+ Co-activation0254-058424712286220202.781JournalISIQ2
19LuminescenceDosimetric features and kinetic parameters of a glass system dosimeter1522-7235354525-53320201.855JournalISIQ3
20Radiation Physics and Chemistry238U and 232Th isotopes in groundwater of Jordan: Geological influence, water chemistry, and health impact 0969-806X17010866020202.226JournalISIQ1
21Radiation Physics and ChemistryDose assessment of 4- and 16-slice multi-detector computed tomography (MDCT) scanners 0969-806X16810844520202.226JournalISIQ1
22Journal of Materials Research and TechnologyA new insight into the temperature induced molecular aggregations in tris (8-hydroxyquinoline) metals 2238-78549308420203.327JournalISIQ1
23Radiation protection dosimetryAssessment on the Interchangeability of Personal Effective Dose Algorithms in Fluoroscopy-Guided Interventions Using Bland-Altman Analysis0144-8420186 4462-46820190.831JournalISIQ4
24OptikOptical traits of neodymium-doped new types of borate glasses: Judd-Ofelt analysis0030402619916351520191.914JournalISIQ3
25Journal of LuminescenceWaveguide laser potency of samarium doped BaSO4-TeO2-B2O3 glasses: Evaluation of structural and optical qualities 0022-231321611668620192.961JournalISIQ2
26Radiation Physics and ChemistryEffectiveness of Al2O3:C OSL dosimeter towards entrance surface dose measurement in common X-ray diagnostics 0969-806X16510841820191.984JournalISIQ1
27Solar EnergyBrent’s algorithm based new computational approach for accurate determination of single-diode model parameters to simulate solar cells and modules0038-092X193782-79820194.674JournalISIQ1
28Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear ChemistryActivity concentrations of 226Ra, 228Ra, 222Rn and their health impact in the groundwater of Jordan 0236-57313222305-31820191.186JournalISIQ3
29Indian Journal of PhysicsAnalysis of the physical, structural and optical characteristics of Dy3+-doped MgO–SrO–B2O3 glass systems (2019) Indian Journal of Physics0973-145893101265-127320191.242JournalISIQ3
30Radiation Physics and ChemistryRealization of dysprosium doped lithium magnesium borate glass based TLD subjected to 1–100 Gy photon beam irradiations 0969-806X1631-1020191.984JournalISIQ1
31Journal of African Earth SciencesInvestigation of natural gamma radiation dose rate (GDR) levels and its relationship with soil type and underlying geological formations in Jordan 0899-536214532-4220191.532JournalISIQ3
32PLoS OneSimple and efficient estimation of photovoltaic cells and modules parameters using approximation and correction technique1932-62031271-1920192.766JournalISIQ1
33Annals of Nuclear EnergyAtmospheric dispersion modeling and radiological safety assessment for expected operation of Baiji nuclear power plant potential site 0306-4549552156-16420191.476JournalISIQ1
34Radiation Effects and Defects in SolidsAssessment of health risk associated with natural gamma dose rate levels and isodose mapping of Jordan 1042-0150271156414820190.526JournalISIQ4
35Isotopes in Environmental and Health StudiesStatistical relationship between activity concentrations of radionuclides 226Ra, 232Th, 40K, and 137Cs and geological formations in surface soil of Jordan 1025-6016110211-22620191.527JournalISIQ3
36Journal of X-Ray Science and TechnologyThe effectiveness of bismuth breast shielding with protocol optimization in CT Thorax examination 0895-3996186 139-14720191.381JournalISIQ3
37Progress in Nuclear EnergyPotential areas for nuclear power plants siting in Saudi Arabia: GIS-based multi-criteria decision making analysis 0149-1970199110-12020191.308JournalISIQ2
38Journal of Rare EarthsPhysical, structural and optical studies on magnesium borate glasses doped with dysprosium ion 1002-072136 121264-127120182.524JournalISIQ2
39Results in PhysicsGlow curve analysis of glassy system dosimeter subjected to photon and electron irradiations2211-379710772-77620182.147JournalISIQ2
40Radiation Physics and ChemistryGeneral radiographic attributes of optically stimulated luminescence dosimeters: A basic insight 0969-806X1471-620181.315JournalISIQ1
41Applied Radiation and IsotopesOptically stimulated Al2O3:C luminescence dosimeters for teletherapy: Hp(10) performance evaluation 0969-80431357-1120181.128JournalISIQ3
42Radiation Physics and ChemistryX-ray shielding behaviour of kaolin derived mullite-barites ceramic 0969-806X14463-6820181.315JournalISIQ1
43Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear ChemistryReproducibility assessment of commercial optically stimulated luminescence system in diagnostic X-ray beams0236-57313142029-203620171.282JournalISIQ2
44Radiation Physics and ChemistryLuminescence features of dysprosium and phosphorus oxide co-doped lithium magnesium borate glass 0969-806X13745-4820171.315JournalISIQ1
45Radiation Physics and ChemistryEstimation of radiation cancer risk in CT-KUB0969-806X137130-13420171.315JournalISIQ1
46Journal of Radiological ProtectionRegulatory requirements for nuclear power plant site selection in Malaysia – A review 0952-474636R96-R11120161.657JournalISIQ1
47Radiation Physics and ChemistryEvaluation of organ doses and specific k effective dose of 64-slice CT thorax examination using an adult anthropomorphic phantom0969-806X12614-2020161.207JournalISIQ1
48Chinese Journal of Chemical PhysicsImpact of Eu3+ Ions on Physical and Optical Properties of Li2O-Na2O-B2O3 Glass1674-0068293395-40020160.496JournalISIQ4 
49Journal of LuminescenceEffect of Dy2O3 impurities on the physical, optical and thermoluminescence properties of lithium borate glass (2016) Journal of Luminescence 177 0022-2313177366–37220162.693JournalISIQ1
50LuminescenceEvaluating Organ Dose and Radiation Risk of Routine CT Examinations in Johor, Malaysia 1522-723531 3567–57320161.518JournalISIQ4 
51Sains Malaysiana Radiation doses from computed tomography practice in Johor Bahru, Malaysia 0126-603945469-7420160.35JournalISIQ3
52Radiation Physics and ChemistryEPR dosimeter material properties of potassium tartrate hemihydrate0969-806X1218-1220161.380JournalISIQ1
53Radiation MeasurementsPET Image Reconstruction Incorporating 3D Mean-Median Sinogram Filtering 0018-949987157-16920161.213JournalISIQ2
54IEEE Transactions on Nuclear SciencePhysical, structural and optical studies on magnesium borate glasses doped with dysprosium ion 1002-072163 11264-127120161.283JournalISIQ1
55Journal of Rare EarthsGlow curve analysis of glassy system dosimeter subjected to photon and electron irradiations2211-379736 12772-77620162.524JournalISIQ2
56LuminescenceThermoluminescence properties of lithium magnesium borate glasses system doped with dysprosium oxide 1522-723530 81330-133520151.518JournalISIQ4
57Radiation Physics and       Hybrid registration 0969-806X116300-3041.380JournalISIQ1
58Chemistry    of PET/CT in thoracic region with pre-filtering PET sinogram0969-806X116138-14120151.380JournalISIQ1
59Radiation Physics and ChemistryLuminescence characteristics of Li2O-MgO-B2O3 doped with Dy3+ as a solid TL detector0969-806X116130-13420151.380JournalISIQ1
60Radiation Physics and ChemistryCharacterization of amorphous thermoluminescence dosimeters for patient dose measurement in X-ray diagnostic procedures0969-806X11581-8720151.380JournalISIQ1
61Radiation and IsotopesImpact of patient weight on tumor visibility based on human-shaped phantom simulation study in PET imaging system0969-804310210-1420151.231JournalISIQ1
62Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear ChemistryThermoluminescence response of dysprosium doped strontium tetraborate glasses subjected to electron irradiations0236573111229-3320151.034JournalISIQ2
63Optoelectronics And Advanced MaterialsInfluences of dysprosium and phosphorous oxides co-doping on thermoluminescence features and kinetic parameters of lithium magnesium borate glass1842-657397-820150.394JournalISIQ4
64Radiation Physics and ChemistryThermoluminescence energy response of germanium doped calcium borate glasses using theoretical calculation0969-806X11229-3320151.380JournalISIQ1
65Sensors and Actuators, A: PhysicalDosimetric properties of dysprosium doped lithium borate glass irradiated by 6 MV photons0924-424722248-5720151.903JournalISIQ1
66Radiation Physics and ChemistryOptical fiber based dosimeter sensor: Beyond TLD-100 limits 0969-806X10673-7620151.380JournalISIQ1
67Radiation Physics and ChemistryPotential application of pure silica optical flat fibers for radiation therapy dosimetry 0969-806X10646-4920151.380JournalISIQ1
68Optical Materials Impact of Nd3+ ions on physical and optical properties of Lithium Magnesium Borate glass 0925-346737391–39720142.075JournalISIQ2
69Optics and SpectroscopyPhysical and optical properties of Li2O-MgO-B2O3 doped with Dy3+ (2014) Optics and Spectroscopy0030-400X1174552-55920140.559JournalISIQ4
70International Journal of Modern Physics BStructural and optical properties of lithium sodium borate glasses doped with Sm3+ ions 0217-97922826145018220140.455JournalISIQ4
71Journal of Molecular StructurePhysical and optical properties of Dy3+: Li2O-K2O-B2O3 glasses. Journal of Molecular Structure0022-2860107620-2520141.404JournalISIQ3
72Optics and SpectroscopyThe effect of europium oxide impurity on the optical and physical properties of lithium potassium borate glass0030-400X11756–6020140.559JournalISIQ4 
73Applied Radiation and IsotopesPhoton irradiation response of photonic crystal fibres and flat fibres at radiation therapy doses0969-804390258-26020141.056 JournalISIQ2
74Physica BPhysical and optical properties of dysprosium ion doped strontium borate glasses0921-452645163-6720141.276 JournalISIQ3
75Journal of Luminescence Copper doped borate dosimeters revisited0022-2313155141-14820142.367 JournalISIQ1
76Journal of Molecular StructureOptical and Structural Properties of Lithium Sodium Borate Glasses Doped Dy3+ ions0022-28601075113-11720141.599JournalISIQ3
77Applied Radiation and IsotopesThermoluminescence dosimetry properties and kinetic parameters of lithium potassium borate glass co-doped with titanium and magnesium oxides 0969-804391126–13020141.179 JournalISIQ2
78Radiation Physics and ChemistryDopant concentration and thermoluminescence (TL) properties of tailor-made Ge-doped SiO2 fibres0969-806X104297-30120141.189JournalISIQ2
79Radiation Physics and Chemistry Dosimetric characteristics of LKB:Cu,P solid TL detector0969-806X10436-3920141.189JournalISIQ2
80Optics and SpectroscopyThe optical properties of trivalent rare earth ions (Er3+) doped borotellurite glass0030-400X1163413–41720140.559JournalISIQ4 
81Journal of Molecular StructurePhysical and optical properties of Li2O–MgO–B2O3 doped with Sm3+0022-286010606-1020141.404JournalISIQ3
82Applied Radiation and IsotopesLuminescence characteristics of Li2CO3-K2CO3-H3BO3 glass system co-doped with TiO2 and MgO0969-80438212-1920131.179JournalISIQ2
83Journal of Physics and Chemistry of SolidsThe effect of TiO2 and MgO on the Thermoluminescence Properties of a Lithium Potassium Borate Glass System0022-3697741816-182220131.527 JournalISIQ3
84Applied Radiation and IsotopesThermoluminescence responses of photon- and electron-irradiatedlithium potassium borate co-doped with Cu+Mg or Ti+Mg0969-80437821-2520131.179 JournalISIQ2
85Radiation Protection DosimetryThermoluminescence properties of Li2CO3-K2CO3-H3BO3 glass system co-doped with CuO and MgO0144-8420155 11-1020130.909 JournalISIQ2 
86Radiation Protection DosimetryTerrestrial gamma radiation and its statistical relation with geological formation in the Mersing district, Johor, Malaysia0144-8420156 2246-25220130.909 JournalISIQ2
87Journal of LuminescenceThermoluminescence characteristics of Li2CO3-K2CO3-H3BO3 glass system co-doped with CuO and MgO0022-23131431-420132.144 JournalISIQ1
88Optics and Spectroscopy Physical, Structural, and Luminescence Studiesof Nd3+ Doped MgO–ZnO Borate Glass0030-400X115 5701–70720130.559 JournalISIQ4
89Optics and Spectroscopy The Effect of MgO on the Optical Properties of Lithium Sodium Borate Doped with Cu+ Ions0030-400X114 4537–54320130.559 JournalISIQ4
90IEEE Transactions on Nuclear ScienceEffective Atomic Number of Ge-doped and Al-doped Optical Fibres for Radiation Dosimetry Purposes0018-949960 2555-55920131.219 JournalISIQ1
91IEEE Transactions on Nuclear ScienceAnalysis of Photons Scattering Trend to Classify Material using Artificial Neural Network0018-949960 2515-51920131.219 JournalISIQ1
92Chinese Physics Letters Dosimetric characteristics of a LKB:Cu,Mg solid thermoluminescence detector0256-307X3011-420130.811JournalISIQ3
93Journal of Molecular Structure The Effect of Titanium Oxide on The Optical Properties of Lithium Potassium Borate glass0022-2861026159–16720121.634 JournalISIQ3
94International Journal of Modern Physics BThe Effect of Phosphorus and Copper Oxide on the Photoluminescence Characteristics of Li2CO3– K2CO3-H3BO3 Glass.0217-979226 20125011620120.324 JournalISIQ4 
95International Journal of Physical SciencesAbsorbed Dose Estimation by Monte Carlo Simulation Conversion Factor of Physical Dosimeters1992-1950121910–191720120.54JournalISIQ2
96Physica B The effect of CuO and MgO impurities on the optical properties of lithium potassium borate glass0921-45264072390–239720121.063 JournalISIQ3
97Physica BOptical properties of lithium magnesium borate glasses doped with Dy3+ and Sm3+ ions0921-45264072398–240320121.063 JournalISIQ3
98Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section APhoton signature analysis using template matching0168-9002652466-46920111.142 JournalISIQ2
99Journal of NUCLEAR SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGYThermoluminescence Response of Ge- and Al-Doped Optical Fibers Subjected to Low-Dose Electron Irradiation0022-313148 71115–111720110.4JournalISIQ4
100Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated EquipmentElectron irradiation response on Ge and Al-doped SiO2 optical fibres0168-9002637 1185-18920111.142 JournalISIQ2
101Nuclear Instruments and MethodsThermoluminescence Response of Oxygen-Doped Optical Fibres Subjected to Photon and Electron Irradiations0168-9002619 1-3291-29420101.317 JournalISIQ1
102Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated EquipmentPhoton-induced positron annihilation for Stand-off bomb detection0168-9002619 1-3415–41820101.317 JournalISIQ1
103Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated EquipmentPerformance of Wire Mesh Collimator SPECT Camera for Different Breast Volumes in Prone Position0168-9002619 1-3385-38720101.317 JournalISIQ1
104Journal of Applied Radiation and Isotopes Thermoluminescence Response of Doped SiO2 Optical Fibres Subjected to  Fast Neutrons0969-804368, 4-5700-70320101.094 JournalISIQ2
105Journal of Applied Radiation and Isotopes The thermoluminescence response of doped SiO2 optical fibres subjected to photon and electron irradiations0969-804367423-42720091.114 JournalISIQ1
106Journal of Applied Radiation and Isotopes The thermoluminescence response of doped SiO2 optical fibres subjected to alpha particle irradiation0969-804367428-43220091.114 JournalISIQ1
107IEEE Transactions on Nuclear ScienceMonte Carlo Simulation on Breast Cancer Detection Using Wire Mesh Collimator Gamma Camera0018-94995631321-132420091.518 JournalISIQ1
108AIP Conference ProceedingsEntrance surface dose of eyes and thyroid using nanoDot optically stimulated luminescence in 64-slices computed tomography scanner 21550200112019JournalScopus
109AIP Conference ProceedingsLight induced fading in optically stimulated luminescence dots for medical dosimetry measurement 21550200122019JournalScopus
110Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesDirect and indirect entrance surface dose measurement in X-ray diagnostics using nanoDot OSL dosimeters 1248 10120142019JournalScopus
111Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesOccupational radiation dose during fluoroscopy guided interventional procedures at Institut Kanser Negara 1248 10120522019JournalScopus
112Atom IndonesiaInvestigation on neutron flux effect onto irradiated fuel burn-up stored in the reactor TRIGA PUSPATI45 159-652019JournalScopus
113Electricity JournalAdding sustainable sources to the Saudi Arabian electricity sector 1040619031420-28JournalScopus
114MethodsXDevelopment of underwater radiography scanner for reactor-pool experiment at the TRIGA PUSPATI reactor 215016151346-1363JournalScopus
115Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesResponse of optically stimulated luminescence dosimeters subjected to X-rays in diagnostic energy range 17426588851 1012001JournalScopus
116Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesAdaptive iterative dose reduction (AIDR) 3D in low dose CT abdomen-pelvis: Effects on image quality and radiation exposure 17426588851 1012006JournalScopus
117Journal of Physics: Conference Series128 slice computed tomography dose profile measurement using thermoluminescent dosimeter 17426588851 1012002JournalScopus
118Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesEstablishment of multi-slice computed tomography (MSCT) reference level in Johor, Malaysia 17426588694 1012033JournalScopus
119Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesAssessment of knowledge and awareness among radiology personnel regarding current computed tomography technology and radiation dose 17426588694 1012031JournalScopus
120Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesRadiation dose to physicians’ eye lens during interventional radiology 17426588694 1012035JournalScopus
121Malaysian Journal of Analytical SciencesEffect of temperature on the epr response of gamma irradiated potassium tartrate hemihydrate 1394250619 3513-519JournalScopus
122Proceedings – 8th EUROSIM Congress on Modelling and Simulation, EUROSIM 2013Validation of a clinical PET scanner using monte carlo simulation code: MCNP5978-076955073-2 36-4136-41JournalScopus
123Jurnal TeknologiThe thermoluminescence performance of Ge- doped optical fibres To 6 MV photon irradiations 0127969671 543-45JournalScopus
124Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesThermoluminescent response of single mode optical fibre to x-ray irradiation17426588546 1012018JournalScopus
125Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesAssessment of Ge-doped optical fibres subjected to x-ray irradiation17426588546 1012017JournalScopus
126Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesDosimetric characteristics of fabricated silica fibre for postal radiotherapy dose audits17426588546 1012010JournalScopus
127Advanced Materials ResearchMass Attenuation Coefficients and Effective Atomic Numbers of Strontium Borate Glass System in the Energy Range 0.01- 1.25 MeV1022-6680895315-318JournalScopus
128Advanced Materials ResearchOptical Properties of Undoped and Dy3+-Doped Boro-Tellurite Glass1022-6680895194-199JournalScopus
129Pacific Rim Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, CLEO – Technical Digest The thermoluminescence response of undoped silica PCF for dosimetry application978-146736475-16600334JournalScopus
130IEEE ICSIPA 2013 – IEEE International Conference on Signal and Image Processing ApplicationsModelling of light photons detection in scintillation camera 9781479902675670797015-19JournalScopus
131IEEE ICSIPA 2013 – IEEE International Conference on Signal and Image Processing ApplicationsSimulation of intrinsic resolution of scintillation camera in Monte Carlo environment 978-147990267-5670796911-14JournalScopus
132IEEE-EMBS Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, IECBESPreliminary results from attenuation correction for MCNP-generated PET image978-146731666-86498037907-910JournalScopus
133Progress in Nuclear Science and TechnologyIon beam, SEM and EDXRS analysis on Doped SiO2 optical fibres2185-48233116-119JournalScopus
134Engineering LettersIterative parameter estimation for Metz Filter, Based on the image quality of Breast Cancer imaging1816093X20 22-9JournalScopus
135International Conference on Research and Innovation in Information Systems, ICRIIS’11Recommended factors for triage categories using Simulation Modelling978-161284295-06125700JournalScopus
136AIP Conference ProceedingsCharacteristics of multihole collimator gamma camera simulation modeled using MCNP50094243X1017205-209JournalScopus
137AIP Conference ProceedingsThe development of doped radiosensitive glass0094243X9099-18JournalScopus