Lets learn about Barakah.

Barakah is a word from Tabarakah. Direct english translation -blessing has limited meaning. Here, we try to understand the deeper and beautiful meaning of barakah from arab definitions. Nouman Ali Khan helps us a lot on these.

Basically, arab linguists breakdown the barakah into three main parts:

  1. Growth and increases above and beyond expectations – it is like you plant a tree and then you get the forest.
  2. Something keeps coming continuously – it is like the rain keeps coming.
  3. remains in its place – stay and stable – it is like a camel kneels and sunk in the sand.

So part of what Barakah means is that logic says when you plant one seed in the ground, you expect one tree to come out of it; but in return, you get ten trees! Or after 10 years you come back and you get a forest in return!

That is barakah.

I hope one day the book we (UKM alumni) readers will say this “I remember I read only this book to start my phd journey, today that book still remains in my heart and I do realize what it saying one by one”.

That is barakah.

You may hear some people say “in my first year, I struggled to find one student to come to my classes, but today my school has grown so much that I have to turn away students because I don’t have capacity even though I have expanded three times already!”

That is barakah.


Finally, when Barakah from Allah comes, know that there is no end to Allah’s Barakah.


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